Hare Raising

Have you ever frogged angora? It’s fun…you should try it. That’s how I spent a few hours out of my day today. One of our local thrift stores had a 50% off coupon last week and lucky me I had two of them. On my second trip I spied a perfectly useless half sweater made out of the most gorgeous white fluffy 100% French angora I had ever seen. With visions of Ed Wood dancing in my head I decided why not, I’ll at least try frogging and recycling the yarn. Here is the end result, I figure that I got about 250 to 300 yards and a few smaller bits that I can use for trim. I looked up what worsted weight angora would cost me, by my calculations I saved about $100 by frogging my own. Definitely worth the hassle.

Speaking of saving a buck or two, I thought that I would try Knit Picks “Bare” superwash fingering weight yarn for socks. I dyed it using the stove top method with Kool-aid and got a pretty good result. I started with the purple color and then swirled in some blue. I like the way the dye took randomly giving it a “real” hand painted look. Can’t beat it at $5.99 a hank.

Well I finally broke down and saw one of our doc’s for some antibiotics. So I am on day two of taking Zithromax and feeling better. Hopefully this will be the end of it. I really REALLY hate taking medication and I really hate going to the doctor but this has been going on quite long enough.

Luckily I have the weekend off + Monday so I can have a little time to recoup and get some things done around the house that have been sliding by. Mom Larj had her second cataract done and sailed through it. I finished the Irish Hiking Scarf and it is blocking in the basement at present. Great pattern if you have yet to try cables. Pics to come soon.

Everyone have a great week…


13 thoughts on “Hare Raising

  1. What an angora bargain- all for a big bit of patience!! Nice dyeing, really nice!!Hope you are feeling better soon, even if you have to take drugs. Personally, I am all about the drugs now!!Glad Mom Larj is doing well too!!Hope you have a great weekend too…

  2. Zithromax is a happy thing. You only take it for 5 days, and it makes you feel better quickly.I like the purpley/fuchsia-y sock yarn! That’s just so pretty. And now I know there’s a reason I’m allergic to angora. Somewhere, someone wants to save me the pain of frogging it.

  3. Great find on the Angora. My, you are a patient one! Whew! Glad to hear you are on the mend. Sometimes drugs are a necessary evil… Also glad to hear your Mom came thru great.How is Mr. Greenjeans coming? LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your koolaid sock yarn! Wowee! I might have to try the dying thing now.You have a good week too 🙂

  4. I’m jealous of your thrift store find! I need to start checking such places for knitting-related stuff — I know there are good deals out there…The dyed yarn looks awesome, too, and I hope the medication helps!

  5. Very beautiful dyeing Marj, that’s really beautiful space dyeing with kool aid. And hope you are better now that you are getting a little bit of help with the bug. Sometimes you just have to drag yourself to the doc before something worse drags you out the door. What a great snag on the re-cycled angora. I’ll bet you smile everytime you look at it.

  6. I have never frogged angora, but I am sure it wasn’t easy, and I picture you looking like that little animal when you were done. It looks like a fabulous find. I wish I had the patients to seek out deals at the thrift stores. Maybe someday I will give it a try.

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