Wip my A** in to Shape

Ok, I’m a little tense having 3 things going at the same time. I feel like I’ve been mired in knitting quicksand and needed to start something new to dig myself out. Does that make sense?
The cable eyelet socks are about 70% finished. One sock is complete and the other about half way there. I hope to get a little more done on it tomorrow at the Tue Bou Crew meet up.

Next on my wip list is the never ending story of the Mr. Greenjeans cardi. Good FSM!! inches and inches of stockinette. I would never make it doing a “man” sized sweater. Though, I do like the way this yarn is knitting up and the incredible softness. It really is one of my favorites.

Last but not least is the wip that has been haunting my daydreams for the last few months as well as my Ravelry queue. The Luna Moth Shawl; this really is a pretty pattern and an internet freebie to boot! I am using a dusty blue mohair blend that I won on a blog contest from the lovely and talented Hasbu. A very cool Finnish knitter with amazing skills in knitting and language translation. As you can see, I have about an inch done. Hey, its a start.

Speaking of the blogging and contests…can you believe that I have been blogging for over 2 years now! My 2 year blogoversary was on January 2nd. I am planning a blog contest/giveaway I hope to make it a good one since I have been such a slacker in that area. I also hope to bring out some of the lurkers and occasional posters to say Hi and thanks for reading this drivel.

Ok now on to the real drivel, my personal life. Well I have been having adventures in car repair. Can we all relate? My car has been having front end problems for about a year. Since one of my favorite defense mechanisms is “denial”, I have pretty much ignored it. I decided this last week that with more bad weather likely I had better get things taken care of. I had my mechanic take my car to “diagnose” the problem, he determined that I needed struts and a front end alignment. I took it to a local chain, starts with a “B” and sounds like “elle”. They took my car in and assured me that they would have everything taken care of in a couple hours. Well……..I waited………….and waited. Eight hours later they called me to tell me the work was done. Ok, fine. So it took them a little longer, I can live with that. Two days later I am driving to work and as I am exiting the freeway (696) I hit my brakes……….hmmm………no brakes. My ABS was kicking in but no “real” brakes to speak of. I did some creative coasting and made it to work where I promptly called and reamed them out. They send a tow truck to get my car from work and took it to their nearest location to “repair” it. I bummed a ride from a co-worker to pick my car up. Hmmm….now it’s making an interesting new sound and is pulling hard to the left. When I get home there is nothing on my answering machine, no “How’s your car, is everything fine? Should they really be doing this to my peri-menopausal semi-homicidal self? I think not. So I fired off a hot and hostile email to their corporate office. The next morning I received a unheartfelt apology from the original shop that I took it to, assuring me that if I brought it in on Monday (today) that all would be straightened out. I took it in tonight, the squeak is gone and it is no longer pulling to the left. I’ll give it a week. Hopefully this is IT.

Everyone, have a great week, I hope you’re all safe on the roads and look for some bloggie goodies courtesy of yours truly SOON!!


18 thoughts on “Wip my A** in to Shape

  1. Ouch, hope the car is OK now. They should not tangle with you!!!!Oh nice knitting, the shawl wool looks very lovely and I like the socks. Oh Mr GreenJeans is miles of stocking stitch?? I was thinking of making that. Maybe it’s good TV knitting???

  2. Mr. GreenJeans is going to be fab, I love the color! I’m knitting a skirt and know exactly what you mean by inches and inches of stockinette. Well, the good thing is that you really can’t mess up the pattern when it’s just knitting and knitting, knitting and knitting. But it surely is boring.I can’t wait to see the shawl, the pattern has been on my to-do list for ages.(And thanks for the lovely compliments, you rock!)

  3. Where do you get those pictures? They are hilarious. I hope your car is fixed. Maybe B is a Teaching Garage and the Teacher forgot to check up on Loose Nut Eddy or all thumbs Paul.

  4. No brakes?!?!?!?! My heart is still beating fast and I wasn’t driving nor in the car! I am not sure I would even want to get back behind the wheel of that car. I would make them have their loved ones drive it for a week.Thanks for the link on how to stop when your brakes fail. Good lesson.:-)

  5. Oh mt goodness, I am glad you are safe! Back when I was still living up north, a woman driving down the hill toward the lake lost her brakes and went into the drink. She ended up drowning b/c they couldn’t get her out. To this day I get the nastiest shivers even thinking about it.Sorry for the morbid tale 😦

  6. As a city dweller/non-car owner, I sadly can’t relate to the story – but I’m certainly glad that I’m not when I hear of people’s woes, yikes! and good luck!Oh! and happy blogiversary.

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