It’s a First!!

Yes…drum roll please…..It’s my very first

Leave your name and contact info (blog or email address) in the comments section of this post and I will draw names next Sunday for 3 winners!! Also include a little blurb about what you like to knit both project and color wise.

So can you guess what happened?

Eight years old and still acting like a puppy at times. What concerns me is the “ball” at the end is missing completely and I cant find it anywhere. I have a feeling it may turn up in the backyard later this week. As for knitting, I am progressing on the Mr. Greenjeans cardi. It now has been divided up in to sleeves and a body. I have a few rows to go before I can do the “try on”. If you see a small explosion from the Downriver area, you’ll know it didn’t go well. I also decided that I’m going up a needle size on the Luna Moth shawl. I consulted with Betty at the Yarn Tree who said I might want to given the thickness of yarn that I’m using. The good part about that is I only have a few rows started so I am simply going to do a switcheroo and slip my stitches from the 9 to the 10. The Cable Eyelet Socks are getting there almost finished. Perhaps today?

Speaking of the Yarn Tree, they are having their twice annual ginormous sale this week. The more you buy the more of a percentage you get off your total purchase. Also if you decide that you want to go back for a few more skeins, she will hold your discount. She has buttloads of Cascade 220 in all colors, Berrocco Ultra Alpaca and lots of Opal Sock yarn. I did a little damage. Given the size of my stash I shouldn’t even look at any more yarn but she had this great natural color DK weight that I couldn’t pass up. Looks like I might be heading back there on Monday for more size 8 straight birch needles since mine turned in to a snack.

Every one have a great week!!

*Did the “try on”, I think its actually going to fit!


22 thoughts on “It’s a First!!

  1. Ah, downriver – we lived in Southgate for a few years. I miss living near Detroit. My kids don’t, but I sure do. :-)You would think being eight needles would be safe. :-)I like to knit everything, except shawls – focusing on colorwork patterns at the moment. Colors I like – love purple, reds, greens, browns… Good luck on Mr. Greenjeans, I always liked bunny and moose :-)Ewe-niss from

  2. Luckily, I haven’t had to deal with knitting destruction by way of my two crazy dogs. Hope everything ‘comes out ok’.Right now I’m in a kind of sock craze and I like really bold, bright colors. No pinks or purples though really.I am totally jonesing to make an Aran sweater soon though.

  3. I love dark greens and other earth tones, and, partly thanks to you, I’m interested in starting socks soon! I think I’d knit anything once, though.Also I have something for you at my blog, you can probably guess what it is. :)And I was just thinking that I need to check out this Yarn Tree place!! The sale could be dangerous to my bank account but now that I know about it I simply have to go!

  4. oooo…I wanna play!!I’ll have to wait for you to tell me mr. greenjeans doesn’t fit because I don’t think I can see the explosion from this far away.I seem to have cats chewing on knitting needles more then dogs. They’ve never managed to chew through it though.Since I am commenting and entering your contest. I’ve been liking to knit small projects lately. Socks, hats, grass..etc. I pretty much like any Autumn color, so golds, greens, reds, browns, orange (I love orange) that sort of thing. I’m pretty sure you know where to find me, but I’ll post it anyway :)Cheers,Bea

  5. Look at that face: is that the face of a needle stealer and chewer?? Actually I think I spy a little guilt!! Oh dear, you are right, some dogs (Peri included but she usually takes all my knitting yp the stairs and into the gargae otside with a clew-like trail) are ALWAYS puppies. I suppose as long as no-one was hurt……!!!You are knitting along really fast!!

  6. Right now I’m very much into lace shawls and scarves, mostly in rich, deep colors. Purples, blues, deep pinks and golds. Also love making socks. Haven’t done a sweater in several years.Amazing how that pup can look so serene and unguilty. :o)

  7. Ooooo, I love contests, there’s always hope! Put me in the drawing. I like knitting little things, mittens, hats, fingerless mitts. Colorwise? Could be anything, whatever I’m in the mood for at the moment, right now it’s pinks, purples, tans and turquoise.Bad puppy.I may have to check out that Yarn Tree some day. As if I need more yarn! But I can’t stop feeding this addiction, honestly, I can’t.

  8. I love contests almost as much as I love knitting. I like to knit everything. I am about to start “Cobblestone”. Just swatched for it and got gauge. Woohoo.Don’t like pinks or reds. Love orange, yellow, greens, blues. (not pale blue, though).By the way, my female boxer has sat on a good number of double pointed needles and broken them right in half. She hasn’t eaten one, though. Perhaps your doggie needs more fiber? Har, har.

  9. I dropped in just in time. YAY, contest. Short-N-Crafty-Sista speaks very highly of you. I love to knit scarves and shawls in earthy colors..that would be my favorite thing but for instant gratification and gifts, dishcloths are my thing…as for color, anything goes. Love your blog!

  10. Yippee, a contest! I’m in!I love earth tones and my fave colors are brown, orange and green. And as you probably know, I’ll knit anything. 🙂 Haven’t tried underwear yet, but maybe some day?Sorry about the needle. That doggie mug shot totally cracked me up!

  11. I like to knit all different things, mostly socks lately though. The thicker-on-bigger-needles-two-at-a-time-cuz-it’s-faster kind. Purple seems to be the popular favorite color, but I’ve loved it all my life so I’m not going to quit now. Hmmmph, I hate being trendy.Pick me, pick me, I love

  12. ah, naughty puppies… Our beagle chewed the wooden end off a rug hook, but I think it was only becuase it poked her butt when she sat on the couch! My cat likes to run away with anything she can carry, like point protectors. They always end up in the oddest places.As for knitting, I like small projects for gift-giving, and big lace shawls (at least that’s this week 😉 ) I seem to be favoring pinks and greens right now.

  13. OK, I’ll play…What I like to knit–mostly sweaters but I throw in some shawls and socks to mix things up a bit.Colors I knit with–I think I’ve tried just about everything! But generally, dark and neutral colors.Your dog is so cute, bet you can’t stay mad for long!

  14. Contents…I love entering contests. Like to knit: EVERYTHING. I’ve only met one knitting project that I didn’t like, and it was the bulky yarn, I’m sure of it.Colors: Green, Blue, Purple…of course there are some really nice yellows and blue-reds and few nasty yellow-greens…but…It’s YARN. Someone will like it.Dora

  15. Contests are so much fun!Right now I am enjoying things that I can finish quickly. Hats, especially.Sorry about the needle. My cat has only left teeth marks on mine.

  16. oh, no! Bad dog! I have to say that I love to knit socks, they are so portable and easy to knit with little minions around! I do enjoy knitting sweaters too.. lace at times when my brain doesn’t feel like its frozen.

  17. Found your blog through Hasbu and the first thing I see: a contest! Great!I love green and brown and, well, if you avoid cold blues and fuchsia red I will like it. I’m mostly a small project knitter; socks, mittens etc. Welcome to visit my place too!

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