I Knit Michigan and Hit Michgan

It’s a crazy title for what was sort of a crazy day. I started out yesterday making the drive to Bloomfield Hills to Knit Michigan, a knitting event for cancer charities. I ran in to a group of familiar faces as I entered. They were ready for lunch but the atomic bran muffin that I had for breakfast was still expanding in my stomach so I passed. I went to the market area where I was a little over stimulated and a tad, dare I say it? underwhelmed. There was a lot of the usual stuff which I expected, and there was also some unusual fibers that were to my mind incredibly over priced. There was a small and I mean small skein of Qiviut yarn, maybe 100 yards for $69. I almost fell over and, it really wasn’t what I would call soft. I also caught my first glimpse at Habu fibers. Very slick packaging, very unusual fibers and a very high price tag. I bought some more Noro Kureyon Sock from HYAW. I don’t know maybe I just had fiber overload/burnout. It was pretty crowded in there and difficult to get close to any of the displays. The highlight of the day had to be spending time with my knitter buds and seeing some of the faces that I don’t get to see very often.

Ok on to knitting in real life. I took my Mr. Greenjeans along with me to work on, it’s getting there. It always feels great to move the progress bar on Ravelry a little further to the right as I am moving along on my projects. A few more inches and I’ll be finished with the body. Then, on to the sleeves. I’m wondering if I can’t use a 16″ circular or magic loop them . I’m not keen on having to deal with DPN’s for the length of a sleeve. All in all I think it’s turning out pretty well and will be something I’ll actually get some use out of.

Of course I got a little sidetracked as I always do and decided to start and finish the Mobeius Cowl for my mom’s neighbor Kay. She’s been really good to my parents and “sits” for my Dad when my Mom has doctors appointments etc. She’s just a really cool lady. Somehow, I pictured her in red, it’s actually more of a cranberry color than the picture lets on. I’m going to block it a little although the directions say it’s not necessary.

So you’ve heard about knit Michigan, how did I hit Michigan? After I got home yesterday, I asked Mr. Larj about maybe going out to dinner later. We decided to go to The Blue Nile, an Ethiopian restaurant that just opened in Trenton. As we were leaving our house, I was getting ready to go out the side door when Mr. Larj said, “lets go out the front door, your car is parked out there”. Out the door I went and when I started to go down the front steps, my feet went out from under me and I hit the steps with my right hip and shoulder. My hip was burning like hell and my arm jammed up into my shoulder and was throbbing. After a few minutes, I got up and brushed myself off. We continued with our evening but I knew the pain would start later. It did. I’m pretty bruised up on my hip as you can see and my arm is pretty painful with certain movements although I have full range. So alternating heat and ice pack with lots of ibuprofen. At least I have tomorrow off too. Work should be fun and interesting this week.

Everyone have a good and SAFE week……..


14 thoughts on “I Knit Michigan and Hit Michgan

  1. *whisper* I was pretty underwhelmed at the KM Marketplace too. I was hoping for more spinning fiber, but was a little bummed at the selection…oh well, hanging out with you guys more than made up for it!OWEEEE, take care of yourself…that bruise looks awful!!!

  2. I wish I’d made it out to KM, but maybe it’s just as well. At least you got to hang out & knit with some great people. Your cardigan looks FANTASTIC, can’t wait to see it in person!That bruise is awful, though, I hope it feels much better soon!

  3. Ow! I hope you haven’t injured your knitting muscles too much. It was nice seeing you yesterday! Hope to see you Tuesday (or Friday, if not??)

  4. Ouch that looks very sore, hope you are feeling better soon. Mr Grtrenjeans is so nice. And the cowl too. So much money for some wool??!! I’m giving that a miss!!!

  5. Oooo, sorry about your fall. Lots of rest, girl! Did you get to enjoy the restaurant after that? And I love the cowl, too. There’s nothing like a knitted Thank You!

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