Weekend to Weekend

Do you ever feel like you’re living weekend to weekend and when the weekend arrives it’s….well…meh…

I’ve had a week of extremes. As far as the good stuff, I won on TWO blog contests! The first was on Phyl’s Knit and Purr blog. She had a contest where bloggers sent in pics of their pets feet along with a description. Chief was happy to oblige and won some lovely blue Memories sock yarn from Knit Picks for having the biggest feet!

The second contest was on LaVerna’s Ridiculous Obsession blog. I wrote a little blurb about spring and won a skein of lovely lilac sock yarn from Yarn Chef, the Knitting Vintage Socks book and stitch markers and other goodies!

Mr. Larj and I also made it to the Dirty Show last weekend which was a lot of fun as usual. Not as interactive as in past years but with lots of really great art and performances. One of the featured artists was Bunny Yeager, one of Bettie Page’s more well known photographers. I purchased one of her signed prints of Bettie. The pose is a little unusual for Bettie as she looks more introspective and serious.

Now on to the crap. On Saturday, I was scheduled to attend a course for my work. I need to get so many PDU’s to maintain my COTA certification. No problem, however I have what you might call an ACW (annoying co-worker). She is loud, obnoxious and amazingly self absorbed. She was seated next to the second loudest chatterbox in our department. Guess what they did during the entire presentation? They talked NON-stop. Oh sure they tried to “keep it down” but for these two, low volume is what most of us would consider normal. I was so irritated after a while I simply stopped taking notes. After the class I asked the instructor if I could borrow the DVD’s and do the notes and test at home. I think she knew that I was more than peeved and said it wouldn’t be a problem. If there is one thing that I hate to do it’s waste my time and I felt like that was a colossal waste of eight hours. Do you have an ACW?

I tried to get a little relaxation in after that fine experience. Mr. Larj and I went out to lunch yesterday and just hung out around the house and watched movies. Today was playing catch up doing laundry etc. I know that the stress isn’t over for me yet though. Have you heard of the Gateway Project? I-75 north and south is going to be closed between Clark Street and Rosa Parks Blvd. for TWO years. Yup, that’s my route to work so it looks like I’ll be getting up earlier to take the long way around.

I’ll leave you with a cute Dalmatian picture to start your week off. He had a mixed weekend too, he had both of his “parents” at home but…we gave him a bath! 😉

Everyone TRY to have a great week……….


6 thoughts on “Weekend to Weekend

  1. Sadly ACW’s are a part of working life. Good thing is that many of us are lucky enough to have GCW’s (Good/great co-workers) to balance them out :)Congrats on the prize winning!!

  2. Sorry about the course. I hate it when people talk during presentations, I just can’t concentrate. I’ve had my fair share of ACW’s, luckily not so many in this job.Great prizes!

  3. I hope the lovely prizes in some way ameliorate the ACW experience. I love the picture of Chief. He looks like a Classical Statue, so lovely! Hope you have a nice week too.

  4. ACWs? I am the ACW! 🙂 OK, hopefully not, but I am never sure.Not sure where you have to head for work, I had to go directly downtown Detroit when I lived in Southgate. I often took Fort Street. I liked it, but I am a little odd. It was often quicker than 75 because there was very little traffic.Beautiful dog!!!!

  5. congrats on the wins! that sock book is rapidly becoming my favorite… it’s a great book for men’s patterns.as for the PDU’s for your COTA licensure, as an OT, i fully know your pain. i don’t have an ACW (since i’m pretty much working on OT Island in the school systems), but the courses are annoying enough on their own. it seems like the only ones that come here are about shoulder/upper extremity taping or yet ANOTHER “intro to sensory integration disorder” workshop. GRRR!!!

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