Not This S**T again!

That’s what 10″ of snow looks like. I can’t believe that it happened again. I knew it was supposed to snow last night but the original forecast was for 2-4″. Obviously, that is not what happened.

So for me, it’s a snow day. I already have a heinous commute due to freeway construction, why risk totaling my car for what would probably turn out to be an hour and a half white knuckle drive.

Maybe I’ll get some knitting done. I worked on my sock a little bit this morning while watching “Springer”. Yes, it’s my guilty pleasure. TV doesn’t get much more low brow than Jerry.

At least someone is enjoying the snow…


13 thoughts on “Not This S**T again!

  1. I am so jealous…I’m sitting here at work pissed because I made the drive in after my boss made it clear I’d better get here…and then it turns out half the department called in because of the snow! And they live within a few miles of here! I drove 25 miles through this freakin’ mess and they couldn’t get here from River Rouge or Flat Rock?!?!? #%^@$%^!!!!So yeah, I’m blogsurfing today.

  2. I love me some Jerry Springer too. As soon as I think MY life has too much drama I realize there are way more whackos with a LOT more drama. It’s kind of encouraging really.Enjoy your day off!

  3. Okay – you have lots more snow than us – but we are in Dallas for heaven’s sake and this is March!!They have predicted more tomorrow after a 67 degrees today. Strange happenings!Sorry you missed dinner Monday night – it was tasty.

  4. Oh, sweet puppy! :)I must admit, when I first saw that photo, I thought it was SAND! [I pictured you in the Bahamas or somewhere equally exotic! :)]

  5. I’m about as sick of this snow as you are. Luckily, I wasn’t out in it for long. I left Knit Night early and it still took me almost an hour to get home.My baby hates the snow, she totally disappears when it’s this thick. I loved watching your baby have a ball in it.

  6. I think Jerry Springer is everyone’s guilty pleasure. It’s like watching a really nasty cartoon – you wonder if the people you pass on the street are as … awful … as that audience! (Never mind the guests. Please.)

  7. Yes, you can send me some snow. Just when we thought it was cooling down here in Tasmania, it has started getting hot again! And, I could never have a day off just because it’s hot!

  8. We have a warm Santa Ana wind blowing now for a couple of days. Wish you could warm up and stay in Spring for more than a day. I love those delicious little red socks. They look Yummy!

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