Slogging Through the Mud….

At least sometimes life and knitting can be described as such. Not to mention that spring has sprung and my backyard has turned in to a cauldron of mud n’ poo. The weather is a little warmer and the snow seems to have abated for now. I took Chief out for a little test walk yesterday, he loved being outside and scanning the neighborhood for critters. I was a little worried about him last week. Apparently he was tearing around the backyard and either slid on the ice and fell or slid in to something, like the garage, and hurt his back. It was so tender that when I touched it he started flinching and yipping. After 3 days of aspirin twice a day and heat, he seemed to be close to normal and now he appears to have recovered fully.

Slogging through the mud knitwise…I am still working on the same 3 projects that I’ve had going for the last few months. I am making progress but it’s slow. So of course the best thing for me to do is start another project right? I needed a kip project, something that I could do at knit night without too much thinking. I decided to use the $1.08 100% French angora to make a scarf, a simple feather and fan lace would show it off nicely and not tax my foggy middle aged brain.

I finished another pair of “at work” socks. I usually work on socks during my lunch hour. I used my stock and standard pattern with a picot cuff using Opal Rainforest . I love the asymmetry.

As for personal mud slogging I just feel like I’m in a rut. I don’t know if it’s the weather or my AGE or what but it just seems like getting up in the morning is in itself a challenge. My thinking is certainly muddied. I did something really d-u-m the other night. I went to the monthly knitting and martini’s group and ended up leaving the restaurant without paying my tab! I didn’t even realize it till I was half way home. Since it’s not exactly around the corner I called when I got home and settled my bill. Granted it was my long work week and I had 2 martinis in me but damn.

On my agenda for today, a little self study. I am re-taking, in the comfort of my family room, the course that I missed out on due to a loud and obnoxious ACW. As you can see I am procrastinating by blogging and contemplating what to have for lunch.

Everyone have a great week and try to remember where you left the car keys……


13 thoughts on “Slogging Through the Mud….

  1. Ehh…if you had the same waitress that took my drink order, don’t feel too bad. I left her a $.75 tip and I thought that was being generous considering I had to ask her twice for the tab and she didn’t know what a double was!

  2. That same stupid waitress tried telling me the kitchen was closed after leaving me with a menu for 30minutes! Love the martinis, but the help? Not so much.

  3. Thanks or your comment on my blog.and….That is a beautiful pattern and yarn for the newest scarf; the socks are truly great. Lovem!And you got the Harlot’s Haul of white yarn? I tried following that but, talk about a brain on the run, this one is it. Glad that Chief is getting better now. Sometimes they do the darndest things when you are awaaaayyy.

  4. LOVE that white scarf – I just had to ‘fave’ it on Flickr! And I know what you mean about being on the same 3 projects for months…I’m glad the puppy is better. x

  5. Poor little Chief. I hope he’s okay!I don’t know about memory and age. I’m not ancient but I have a mind like a sieve half the time! Fatigue and overthinking!Lovely socks. I need to get over my need for symmetry!

  6. Larjmarj (and love the blog title, by the way) —- the rut you describe is not you, it truly is due to the weather. You must live somewhere north – I’m in Illinois where we’ve had extended gut wrenching cold and snow since October (and into the end of March) and I think it is succintly described as a “soul sucking winter”. Did you ever read “The Long Winter” by Laura Ingalls Wilder? She spent the winter with her family twisting hay to burn and existing on brown bread made from wheat seeds ground in a coffee grinder. She described herself as feeling “dull and stupid” at the end. That’s how all of us are now. Having to wear a winter coat into April is just WRONG. Hang in there and know that things will pick up once we start to see a little sun and feel some damn warmth!!!

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