I’m hopeful that spring will make it here eventually even though we had another four + inches of snow Friday PM and Saturday AM. It made my drive to work a real white knuckle ride. So today is my one day off and it is for most of the world Easter Sunday. Like most holidays we don’t really celebrate in this house but I do like to decorate eggs so again this year I made silk tie Easter eggs.

As for knitting not much to report just picking away at the same projects. I swear, when I do have an FO I’m throwing a party! I’ve been using my “at work” knit time for baby socks as it seems there is some sort of pregnancy epidemic going on at work. Don’t worry Mr. Larj has his “vaccine

Well….since it is my one day off I suppose I had better get myself well caffeinated and off of my butt to get a few things done around the house that I have been procrastinating on. This includes a bath for a certain spotted canine. He’s at week five and is getting a little ripe.

Everyone have a great week and think spring!


8 thoughts on “Spring?

  1. I love the eggs. The swirls are sooo cool.Hopefully this was the last snow storm. I can’t take much more of it myself. I’m ready for spring.Thanks for the virtual hug by the way.

  2. i love the eggs, i LOVE the eggs… but i don’t understand the eggs. is that just dye that leeches out of the silk ties? i saw no mention of dye in the instructions, but i’ve also eaten about 5 pounds of unrefined sugar today (happy easter!) so i’m not operating on a full brain.i love those eggs!!!

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