Yes, it’s spring-ish here. I’m not holding my breath weather wise, we do live in Michigan and anything can happen. I know I haven’t updated my blog in a while but truthfully there hasn’t been much to update. Just going through life’s daily grind and trying to stay centered. Mr. Larj and I haven’t really seen a whole lot of each other lately. He’s been shuffling his time between 3 part time jobs (yes, 3). I have to say that he really deserves big props from me for keeping us solvent in these tough economic times. He has really been working his butt off. Last night was the exception to the rule, we actually had a “date night”, we went out for Sushi and stayed in for Martinis. At least I had Martinis, he thinks they’re gross. We started to watch a movie he made it half way through and went to bed. I finished it and then went to bed myself. A couple of boring old farts eh? But that’s life isn’t it? Whenever my patients give me a hard time telling me “I did this yesterday” I tell them that life is about repetition and we get up and pretty much do the same thing every day.

Knitwise I don’t feel like I’ve been getting crap done. I haven’t added anything new to the project list. I did however finish something!!! The feather and fan angora scarf is done. If your have the means, I highly recommend angora, it is totally decadent against the skin. I now fully understand Ed Wood’s obsession with it. As for other projects, I haven’t touched the Luna Moth shawl in weeks. and I picked up the Greenjeans cardi this morning only to discover that I started the sleeve with the wrong size dpns. So ribbit ribbit once again. I swear I cannot read that pattern to save my life. Lace, no problems this… knitlexia. I only frogged back to the last two rows of of where I started as I have picked up stitches and yarn over’s that I didn’t really feel like disturbing. I don’t think that two rows of knitting on size sevens versus a size eight will make that big of a difference in the finished (if I ever finish) cardi. I really feel like that thing is cursed.

Today is my big whopping one day off, however, next weekend I will have five….FIVE days off. Starting with Knitini night at HYAW and the next day it’s off to Royal Oak Tattoo for some more original art work. After that I need to catch up on some jewelry making. I am very surprised and happy that my Etsy store has stayed fairly consistent ever since the holidays. I really thought it would slow down but it hasn’t. Mind you I am not complaining, it’s a good thing.

Everyone have a great week.


19 thoughts on “Finally………spring-ish

  1. Amen to the same day. same shit….repeat. We are usually in bed by 8ish. 8ish a few years ago was considered our disco nap. The scarf is beautiful…I was perusing your scarves and have decided this to be a summer of scarves…I only have one for myself…so veryvery wrong for a knitter.

  2. Wow, your scarf is really really pretty, love it!I stayed up past 10 last night, and that was only because I had the grandkids here and they were nowhere near going to bed at that time, lol

  3. Nice scarf. Angora is lovely, so lovely. I’m thinking of blending some with cormo lamb to spin. Only all of my Angora is colored and the cormo is white, so I’m not sure that I want to do that. I’ll just go play with the Dutch bunnies instead. 😉

  4. The scarf is lovely. So soft and airy looking.I’m glad you had fun on your date! hehe. I’m sure your looking forward to the time off too!

  5. Hey, I’m coming back to life!Your scarf is beautiful and it must feel wonderful. Unfortunately I’m allergic to angora, can’t really wear it…

  6. Oh I so wish I had five days off, but I can’t really complain, because I can knit at the office if it isn’t busy, and lately it has been pretty slow. But we all know how that goes, slow is almost worse than busy when you are stuck at the office.

  7. it looks like you went out for sushi and then stayed in for a glass full of olives. :)(i have serious sushi envy right now and that’s a problem because it’s 11:49pm right now… off to dream about sushi).

  8. MMMMM MMMartini.. MMMGrats on the angora shawl. I have a baby shawl I knit, though not of angora, in the 80’s, especially for a first grand baby. Well, that one never happened. lol. It’s white and feather and fan. Love the pattern. Some day I’ll give up completely and use the darn thing for myself. ;o)

  9. Hey there, for some reason every time I respond to one of your posts on my blog the email gets returned. So can you email me your correct email address. Thanks.

  10. Haha – martinis and sushi! Sounds like heaven 🙂 We are also good for falling asleep on the sofa, then having to get up to go to bed. Great looking scarf, Larj. I didn’t comment on your silk eggs – but they are really stunning. How do you do them?Enjoy your days off.

  11. That angora scarf is just heavenly — I couldn’t believe how soft it was!Enjoy your days off. I can’t make it out on Friday (going to see the Yarn Harlot instead) but hopefully I’ll see you Tuesday!

  12. Hope your days off are/were fantastic! We tend to stay in when we have a chance at a date!Lovely scarf! Hang in there with the Greenjeans, I’m sure it will be worth it!

  13. Sometimes I feel kinda sad at the “sameness” of every day, but you’re right, that’s just how life is. Well for most of us anyway. Last night we went to a dive bar and I actually stayed up until 1 AM! Whoopee!By the way, how/where did you learn to make jewelry? Your work is really beautiful!

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