My hub is what you might call a little obsessive at times. He latches on to something and well….that’s that. The latest obsession? Seaweed. Eating seaweed that is.

Sushi happens to be one of our fav foods. It doesn’t take much arm wringing to get either one of us to go out for a plate of raw fish. Recently Mr. Larj tried the seaweed salad at our local sushi restaurant and he fell for it….hard.

Thus began the search for a local source for seaweed.

We found an Asian grocer in Ann Arbor and we took a road trip out there today. Supposedly it was the “Meijer” of Asian Grocers, I have to say it was a pretty good sized store with a healthy selection of all kinds of unidentifiable eats. Little dried fish and something called “squid flavored balls“.

This brings me to Ramen noodles. Not your grandmothers Ramen noodles but something quite different. These come in a larger package, they have a separate little veggie packet and have quite a bit of heat. Very spicy. I made mine with a little Wakame seaweed along with some fish sauce and sesame oil. Yummy. Of course we got quite a bit of seaweed of different varieties , miso paste and wasabi peas for snacking.

On the knitting front. I have started one of the sleeves on the Greenjeans cardi. I am using dpn’s and hating every minute of it. I always get ladders not matter what I do. There must be a trick. I’ve looked in my books and online for tips and tricks, tried most of them and yet………still laddery.

Hopefully it will go quickly at this point.

I ended up with more days off this week than I originally planned. I knew that I was taking Wednesday off after the Apocalyptica concert on Tuesday but Mom Larj called me with a dilemma. She said that I needed to take Tuesday off as well because she received a “nasty” letter from the Secretary of State about getting her eyes reexamined. Apparently what happened is that after her cataract surgery, her doctor had to submit paperwork detailing all of the issues with her eyes. One of the issues is her mild case of macular degeneration So she was flagged and apparently the only place they can do this is downtown across from the Fisher Building. I am not happy about driving downtown, it’s not something that I do. I don’t know my way around, it’s going to suck. Hopefully it won’t turn in to the debacle that I fear it will.

Well Sayonara for now, and everyone have a great week.


7 thoughts on “Konnichiwa

  1. Hmm, ladders. Have you tried pulling the second stitch on each needle? That works for me.I like seaweed and wasabi peas! I have heard of these ramen noodles, but haven’t tried them. Although, they do look a lot like what we call two minute noodles! Sounds yummy!

  2. The Central Market near us has the best seaweed salad with a spicy sesame dressing! Yum! (Hmm – might have to go get some sushi and seaweed for lunch now.)Rats! Ladders – yes, tug the second stitch a bit to tighten up. Or do you have 2 sets of circs? You could use them instead.I hope Mon Larj’s situation works out. Thoughts are coming your way for that one.

  3. I always get the opposite of ladders because I’m so worried about the ladders that I tug too hard. So, I knit the first 1 or 2 sts from the next dpn onto the last dpn before using the empty dpn. (does that make sense?) This way the “ladder” isn’t in the same place every round.I hope everything worked out with your mom. I hate trying to find my way around that area, too.

  4. I can totally relate to the obsessions. yup for sure…did I ever mention that we own 15 guitars? Amoung other things.One of his favorite things is to send off for those little unidentifiable packages of asian stuff. I’ve tried some really yummy stuff and some really nasty stuff but he hasn’t brought home seaweed yet.

  5. Good luck with the seaweed: I know I must eat it at the Japanese restaurant and they harvest lots of kelp on the islands but I don’t think I want to consciously eat it. I have no ladder information, I tend not to get them as I am a very tight knitter!!

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