What the Hell is Wrong with Me!

I’ve been cooking……yes, as in using a stove and utensils and stuff. I know, quite shocking. I think it has to do with the time of year. Summer brings all of the fresh fruit and veggies that I long for during Winter. Today’s menu consisted of a yummy parsley chive pasta summer veggie Primavera and tuna noodle salad.

This was my short weekend and last night was a night of hanging out with Mr. Larj. Anyone who knows him well can tell you this is dangerous and chances are you will wake up the next day not feeling very well. However after the week that I’ve had at work, I needed to chill out and get my drink on. I started out with the stock and standard vodka martini. I wasn’t really satisfied with it though and thought that I needed to step “outside the box” as far as my usual cocktail fare. After a little experimentation, this is what I came up with.


1.5 oz. of Vodka
1.5 oz. of Midori or other melon liqueur
1 oz. Cucumber juice (I have a juicer)
Juice of one half lime
Cucumber slices for garnish

Add ingredients to a cocktail shaker with crushed ice, shake and strain in to a glass, add a little of the crushed ice and garnish with the cucumber slices…..kick back and enjoy!!

I know, it sounds really weird but I assure you that it’s incredibly refreshing and they go down pretty easy. Now after more than a few of these you’re going to need a hangover cure. What I recommend is a breakfast staple around this house, chilaquiles, or my version of it.

Chilaquiles Larj Marj Style

6 eggs
Approx. a half cup of mik or unsweetened Soy milk
3 handfulls of salted corn tortilla chips loosely crumbled
3 green chiles (canned) chopped

Melt the butter in a pan that’s large enough to accommodate all ingredients. Add the chopped chiles and saute lightly. Add the eggs, chips and milk, cook as you would scrambled eggs. When the eggs are set it’s done! Top with salsa or Pico de Gallo and enjoy the best hangover cure / breakfast around.

If you live in the Detroit area I cannot recommend La Colmena (Honeybee) Market enough for Mexican provisions. Their salsa, chips and guacamole are simply outstanding. It’s worth the trip!

Oh yeah, knitting …..the charity hats are on their way to Arizona to be distributed later this yearn in Mongolia. I have been picking away on the red cable socks and the Greenjeans cardi. I really NEED to finish at least one of the UFO’s that have been hanging around my knitting basket for the last….oh..six months or so. I’m convinced that if I can finish at least one, the planets will align and the UFO’s will magically start to disappear one by one.

Now, back to cooking I leave you with an edu-macational video of the easy peasy way to chop garlic…no muss no fuss. Everyone have a great week.


8 thoughts on “What the Hell is Wrong with Me!

  1. Oh, across the wide expanse of sea, we both say edu-macational!!!!Love the garlic video though I’d crush my thumb, but I’m not sure about the Cucumber-tini!!!I look forward to all the nice Winter vegetables like brussel sprouts and old potatoes and parsnips and such and then in Summer I can’t get enough salad!!!

  2. That martini sounds very refreshing! If I drank Martinis, I would try one. Did have my first Mojito the other night – not in love with it. Love the breakfast recipe and garlic chopping technique.Oh – and there were no bows in the eyes or other casualties. whew!

  3. That’s a martini for saint pat’s day. lovely thing that it is! The garlic smashing is a great idea for an otherwise useless meat tenderizer we have on hand.Keep up the good work, kitchen wise. Try drinking a lot of water before going to bed after a few too many. I have it on the best authority that it works AND you aren’t up peeing all night neither.

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