How about them Socks?

Now how’s that for a “pair” of socks. I just finished these yesterday, they’re my “at work” socks that I work on during my lunch hour and annoying meetings. I can’t claim the “photo negative” idea as entirely mine. I knew that I wanted to make a pair of socks in an 80’s vein, sort of a retro athletic style. When I was almost finished with the first one my non-knitter co-worker Sarah said “you should make the other one the exact opposite” So I did. She was pretty excited to see me wearing her concept design today. Very fun. I used Cascade Fixation yarn from my stash and size 4 addi turbo’s and magic looped. A quick knit.

I also finished the Cable socks from the “Sensational Knitted Socks” book, which I can’t recommend enough. They really are more of a true red than shows in the picture. They were my first pair of cabled socks and a pretty easy knit. Unfortunately the weather here has been a little warm for wool so these will probably hibernate in my sock box till at least October.

I am bound and determined to finish the Greenjeans cardi next. I need to get some UFO’s that have been languishing on my coffee table done and soon. Why the rush? I finally ordered my Schaefer Marjanaa from Little Knits. I was emailing back and forth with them for the last few months waiting for them to get more of this particular color in. It reminds me of a coat that I had about 20 or so years ago. I called it the B.O.C (big orange coat). My SO hated it and I LOVED it. It was the brightest orange velvet, full length with big rolled cuff sleeves. Really obnoxious, just my style. I cant wait to recreate the feel of the B.O.C by making this out of that lovely lovely yarn.

I also ordered one of these from Knit Picks today along with some other knitting sundries. Intriguing idea don’t you think?

Keep your fingers and toes crossed. Mr. Larj has another lead on a full time position. He hasn’t worked at all for the last two weeks. One of his contingent jobs closed their doors entirely. Let’s hope that something finally comes through for him. My job feels fairly secure but in this economic climate, you never know.

Everyone have a great rest of their week end! It’s almost here.

BTW…. Mom Larj turns 82 tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “How about them Socks?

  1. You are going to love the sock blank. I surely did.I love the mirror idea for your socks. Thank your co-worker, it was a great idea.The cable socks look fabulous! Wish I could see them in person. I can’t recall the exact color.Happy knitting!!!

  2. Oooh, I love the photo negative socks! And good luck to Mr. Larj as well, JP is in the same boat, waiting to hear back from a good final interview. Fingers crossed for all of us!!!

  3. Good luck for Mr. Larg – My Bill has been off work for more time than i like to think about.The socks look excellent. I look forward to seeing the Greenjean sweater.My main reason for popping in today though was to get the martini recipe…..

  4. Great Opposites socks, what a clever idea. Oh the orange wool is gorgeous and will make a delicious wrap. Thank you for the sock blank l’nk, I have watched all the videos!!Fingers crossd for Mr Larj and Happy Birthday to Mum Larj!!!

  5. Did you wear two pair of socks over each other like that in the 80s? I did, and as soon as I saw that pic I thought of it. hehe Pretty red socks, too.So, did you get orange dye, or a sock blank? I love orange! I think I need a B.O.C.

  6. Don’t ever do that again! I clicked on the link to see what you ordered from knit picks and then got roped into surfing their site for 30 minutes. I had to really restrain from placingin an order, because I really don’t need more yarn. I already have at least a years supply of sock yarn and probably two years supply of sweater and other yarn. I love the “photo negative” socks though. You could always knit a matching pair and if you don’t feel like being quarky you could wear the true match to the sock.

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