It’s DONE!!


It’s DONE!!

I never thought that I would get there but I did. Here it is in it’s unblocked and buttonless state. I am giving it a good Eucalan soak right now and will undertake blocking shortly. I cant say it was a difficult knit. I made a lot of errors. The largest being the frogging back of the entire bottom part of the cable ribbing on the body. Why? Because I didn’t read the pattern correctly and just kept going and going until I realized that it didn’t look like the other Greenjeans cardi’s that I saw on Ravelry. I have to say that I love the browny greeness of the color and it’s oh so soft, knitted in yummy Ultra Alpaca. The next time I undertake a garment…I will be sure to read the pattern entirely! Full modeling pics forthcoming. I hope I’ll be smiling in them.

Next I hope to finish the Luna Moth shawl, after all the Clapotis is calling me….

It’s my short weekend so that means that I have one day to play catch up for the week ahead which means laundry etc. I have a little time off coming up and I can’t wait!

Everyone have a great week…


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