You’d better sit down…..

Finally, a shot of me modeling the finished Greenjeans cardi, blocked and with a proper button securely attached. I had to force Mr. Larj off of the couch and shove the camera in to his hands to get this but here it is. I would have preferred something a little closer to get the details but this is what I got.

Here’s a close up shot of the button. You all know of my obsession with all things leafy. Believe it or not I found this at JoAnne Fabric. Perfect or what?

But wait….there’s more unbelievable knitterly goings on. As of about a half hour ago, the Luna Moth Shawl came off of the needles after months of picking away at it. I started back to knitting on it last week only to discover that I was actually closer to finishing than I realized. So after a few nights of working on it and then wrapping up the edging today, it’s done! Right now it’s having a well deserved Eucalan soak and then off to blocking land. I’m thinking it should be fairly straight forward to block given the pointyness of the edge pattern. I have to say if anyone is considering knitting a lace shawl, this is a really great pattern. It’s well written easy to follow and works up pretty quickly (if you actually pick it up and work on it).

I think for now I am going to work on a couple of instant gratification projects. I have a new toy, a 30 gig iPod that I picked up from a work pal. I cast on today for a felted case. Nothing fancy, just something to stash it in. I also have the itch to start in on a pair of socks. Not sure what pattern yet. I’ll have to go down and stare at my sick sock yarn stash to get some sort of an idea of what I might want to make and with what yarn. I’m sure I’ll be staring at it for a while. Any sock suggestions?

I also have this entire week off of work!!! Yay!!! I have a to do list of course but I am adhering to it loosely and will chip away at it a little bit at a time.

Also Mr. Larj has what appears to be a steady full time position with a reliable printing company. This certainly eases our minds a little bit and gives me a little breathing room regarding my own job. Not that I don’t have some level of security but you never know when they’re going to bring “the Bob’s” in and start restructuring.

Everyone have a great week!! I know I will. I’ll be thinking of all of you working away while I’m relaxing on my cabana with some iced tea, knitting and listening to my iPod. 🙂


15 thoughts on “You’d better sit down…..

  1. You look ever so elegant and carefree in MrGJ, worth shooing Mr Larj of the couch to take pictures!Glad to hear there is some happy job news and hope you really enjoy your time off!!

  2. Your knitting looks beautiful– the shawl is perfect, and does seem very moth-like on the bush like that.Congrats about the job news! Enjoy the cabana and “iced tea”… 😉

  3. It looks amazing on you– and how many good things can happen at once here?? Wow! Hope you’re coming up on Tuesday then, you lady-o-leisure you!

  4. Mr. GJ fits you very well and the button is just perfect! I’m jealous of your stay at home “vacation”. I could use one of those myself. 🙂

  5. Congrats on the shawl and cardigan, both look great. I know what you mean about getting your SO to take pictures. They just don’t understand do they?One suggestion on the felted iPod case, just make sure you make some sort of closure for it so the iPod can’t slip out. Mine got really slick once I felted it; I really need to make a new one. I’d hate to see your new toy get bounced the hard way.

  6. Mr Greenjeans looks awesome even from far away. I love the leafy button you found. I can’t wait to see the luna moth shawl. Glad to hear the good news for Mr Larj and that you get to have the week off. Happy holiday to you!!

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