Moving Right Along..

I’m making good progress on the “Clap”, it’s really coming along nicely and the pattern is surprisingly easy to do and makes good TV or podcast knitting. I am to the point where I did my first dropped stitch as shown in the below photo.

I also started a secondary project for Mr. Larj’s nephew. He starts college in the fall and I thought an Irish Hiking scarf out of some superwash wool would be a nice gesture from an estranged family member. Mr. Larj’s family is a lot like mine. NOT close at all. He speaks to his mother and sometimes his two sisters. His brother (who’s son is the scarf recipient) is an odd one. We’ve visited them at their home several times but we haven’t heard from them since our last visit. I think it’s me (I’m far too trashy for them) and Mr. Larj thinks it has something to do with his brother’s opinion of his life choices. I don’t know and I really don’t care, they’re an odd bunch and like my own family, if they don’t like us for who we are then please feel free to f**k off.

Speaking of my family, my sister Gus is going to be coming for a week on Friday. Some of you in my “meat space” knitting group may know her from the last couple of times she’s been here and knitted with us. I’m really looking forward to her visit. I have been trying to milk the last drops of summer out of my evenings and weekends. It’s such a short season here. I am however feeling pangs of guilt about neglecting my Etsy store and all of the things that I should be doing to stock it. It’s just very hard to work in the basement when the weather is nice, and we’ve had some really nice days of late.

Lots of stash pics are forthcoming. I went a little crazy yesterday and visited eBay, Little Knits and Knit Picks. I went to Little Knits after 2 glasses of wine so you know I did some damage. LOL! Oh well I pretty much have stash beyond life expectancy so what the hell, what’s one more skein on the pile?

Everyone have a great week!!


7 thoughts on “Moving Right Along..

  1. brave girl visiting little knits after the wine… i applaud you. i just did some damage at knit picks too. and i might’ve bought a little roving someplace else… but i’m not owning up to that until a box arrives on my doorstep. i like that hiking scarf… maybe after i’m done torturing myself with all this junk yarn, i’ll knit one from something really nice… the yarn you’re using really works well with the cables. me likey.

  2. Love your clap. I think its coming along really well. I think your hiking scarf is also looking well. Nothing like receiving a present from someone you don’t really know 🙂

  3. You crack me up. I like that scarf you’re working on! I also have never heard of little knits, but my inital visit leaves me feeling as though I’m just about to teeter right off the edge of the cliff….I saw a lot of SALE signs in there…

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