Crazy Week…

Yes, it’s been one of those, crazy but in a good way. My sister Gus and her boyfriend were in town from Seattle and we went all over the city from Mexican Town to Dearborn and the Eastern Market which was our first stop. Here’s a pic of Gus and Dick at Vivio’s one of our fav must do eateries. We had a Greek omelet and after checking our watches and deciding that 10:30 was not too early to start drinking, a Bloody Mary with a beer back. 😉 This was our first time seeing the new (revamped) shed. It’s really nice and they have lots of new vendors with organic produce and fresh baked bread. One that I was impressed with was the “Detroit Evolution Laboratory“, it’s a really unique place where they offer Yoga classes and courses in how to prepare raw foods. They were selling the most amazing salad dressings and fruit nut bars. Yum!
As for knitting I am slowly picking away at the “Clap”. I am enjoying the pattern, intesting but not so much that it’s not TV knitting. Don’t you just love my knitting bag?

I am also almost finished with my hub’s nephew’s scarf. I’ll get pics when it’s done in it’s entirety.

What to cast on next? I think a wrap for my X-Mil.

I also finalized the “recipe” for the iPhone case. Details are on my Ravely projects page. I like the way it turned out and it really fits this phone well.

Today, being my whopping one day weekend means playing catch up. I did a lot of cooking for the upcoming week and I also organized some of my photos that I took when Gus was here and tried to catch up on my email.

Next week I really have to get my butt in the basement and work on some jewelry. I can’t procrastinate any longer. The holidays are coming and I would like to have some shawl pins out to Bridgette for Knitterpalooza next weekend. YAY!! cant wait!

Everyone have a great week….


7 thoughts on “Crazy Week…

  1. Did I tell you that that lovely knitting bag is a limited edition? As in, only you, I, and Amanda have that pattern? We are special! (Or speshul, I guess.)

  2. I love the Evolution Lab! If you’re back at Eastern Market soon look out for my friend Amelia — she’ll be selling local organic coffee in shed 2, which I thought sounded like a cool job!Thanks for inadvertently reminding me of Knitterpalooza!! Hopefully I’ll make it out there this year, it sounds like so much fun.

  3. Sounds like you had a really fun and interesting time!I absolutely adore your little bag. That button is the icing on the cake, it makes it absolutely perfect.

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