A lot on my plate….

There is a lot on my plate this week. For starters my friend Sarah took me out after work for sushi at the Little Tree. A belated BD prezzie. Here she is enjoying her foo-foo cocktail. Ordinarily I am not one for foo-foo drinks but these were very refreshing and not sickeningly sweet. The sushi was yummy, we both highly recommend the Rice Krispy roll, A+ for texture and flavor.

Today I ventured downtown for the “Peoples Art Festival” at the Russell street industrial complex. It’s comprised of a series of buildings that artists have turned in to a collective of studios and work spaces.
Today was their annual art show where artists from around the city gather to exhibit. My friend Tim Shoemaker was showing some of his fantastic metal art and sculpture. The arbor is covered with butterflies. Really amazing work. I have a couple of Tim’s pieces and am looking forward to collecting more. I picked up a couple of cool t-shirts, some cards and some magnets. Lots of tattoos in the crowd. Myself included šŸ˜‰

On the knitting front, I haven’t really gotten a whole lot done this week. It always seems like I’m late getting home or there’s errands ans such to take care of after work. Like I said, a lot on my plate. I started the “Simple Elegance Shawl” from Krystofer’s blog. I think I may have to send it to the frog pond temporarily. I ran in to some math issues that I think I need to straighten out. I reworked the math without frogging to make the pattern work but on closer inspection of Krystofer’s original pattern there are 9 pattern repeats and the one that I started will only have 8 and I want it to be “stole” width. So if I’m going to go through the hassle of frogging I might add yet another repeat. I am making this for my ex-mother-in-law who is an absolute doll. I think she’ll love it.

As for other goings on, I have a trip to Canada on Tuesday where I’ll be traveling to London Ontario to see Apocalyptica!! I’ll be staying over and driving back the next day. Saturday I’m flying out to D.C. to visit my friend Cyndi for a four days where I’ll see Apocalyptica again on Sunday!! Yeah, I’m a middle aged groupie! I guess there are worse things to be, like a book banning Alaskan hockey mom.

Mr. Larj will be home holding down the fort and taking care of the dog. So far so good regarding his job. I’m hoping that his work stays steady, especially in light of everything that’s going on with our economy.

So, everyone have a great week and if you haven’t registered to vote please DO IT!!!!


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