Apocalyptica phase I

Back from Canada and the Apo concert week phase I. I had a really great time the show was awesome and I can’t wait for the next one in D.C. on Sunday. Of course I totally stalked the band both before and after the show. I have this really lovely pre-concert shot of Perttu below and one with me and Eicca afterwards. There was a hardcore group of about ten of us that waited around after the show for autographs and pics. We stayed there till 1:30 waiting for every band member to make it out to the bus. If you guys want to see more pics check out my Flickr page (I’m Larjmarj39) and if you want to see some vid’s check out my YouTube page where I added 3 of them.

I got to London Ontario early probably around 4 PM so I took the opportunity to work on my noro sock while I was waiting for the gig to start. I got one finished and managed to remember how to do the twisted German cast on to start the other. The weather was perfect, the band was awesome, the guys are uber friendly and sweet all in all a really good time.

The only craptastic part was coming back in to Detroit I was stopped on the bridge by an overzealous customs agent who simply couldn’t believe that I traveled two and a half hours one way to see a concert. So she flagged me to have my vehicle searched. I had to go in to the customs office (which reminded me of Reno 911) and re-state everything that I told her to another person who had the same reaction. Since all of my paperwork was in order and there wasn’t any contraband in my car they let me go. I was pretty incensed and the last customs agent bore the brunt of my indignation when he asked me what was in the cooler in the back of my car I told him “air” and when he asked where I was going after leaving there I told him “home”. He then explained to me that he was “just doing his job”. Assholes. So it’s back to work for 2 days and then flying out to D.C. on Saturday.

Everyone have a great week!


11 thoughts on “Apocalyptica phase I

  1. I dunno Marj, you look reeeaaaally threatening and all, with those sock needles. You never know what a DAK is smuggling back in a cooler after all. Glad you didn’t have any contraband, although you know we’d always come through with bail money (or at least an illegal jail break).

  2. Lovely sock! That colorway is beautiful. :)Sorry you had so much trouble in Detroit… I always go through Port Huron, they’re much nicer there and the bridge isn’t as scary. hehe… Isn’t London wonderful though? I haven’t been there in years… 😦

  3. So glad you had a good time. Sorry you had issues at the bridge. Some people with a little bit of power, just have to be Asshats!Have even more fun in DC to make up for that little snafu.

  4. They couldn’t believe that you drove 2.5 hours to see a concert. Come on… Really?!?!? Did you tell them that you’re flying out to D.C. to see the same concert? It’s an Adventure Dude. Should’ve told them that you were seeking health care.Glad you had a blast though. Have fun in D.C.

  5. Ah, yes, overzealous border agents. Great memories of time bf and I came back from backpacking in Canada and had all of our stinky underwear and socks pawed through. I bet they regretted flagging us 😉

  6. Great pictures. I’m glad you had fun! And I love the Noro sock – so pretty! I think I must have the pattern. Sorry the customs agents were such dicks. That’s awful. What a way to end a great trip!

  7. Is that the Bluewater Bridge you had trouble with? When we entered the US at that point in 2003 we found the customs and immigration guys quite agreeable. Perhaps they treat foreigners decently but like to get all uppity with their own people!?

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