I have good news, and……..

Of course what follows is the bad news. I guess I’ll start with the good stuff. Drum roll please……the Clap is DONE!! I did five extra pattern repeats on it and it’s long and luscious. I love the drape and the color. I am glad that I waited for the right yarn to come along. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

Now, for the bad…Mr. Larj is laid off from the job that he just started in August. His employers told him last week on Monday that there wasn’t going to be any work for the next week they then called him again on Friday and told him there wasn’t anything the following week either and that he might want to look in to filing for unemployment benefits. So this sucks. The economy here in Michigan is so bad, anyone who has a job is lucky to be working. With the stock market taking a dump so did our savings and investments. There are so many foreclosed homes on our block that it is wholly unbelievable. The value of our home is right back to where it was 12 years ago when we bought it. Something had better change and fast.

At least my sister Gus is in town to take my mind off of some of this. We’ve been doing the ususal things we do when she’s here like going to the Eastern market and just hanging out and relaxing. I also went to see Henry Rollins at the Fillmore on Sunday night. Every time I see him he moves a little further up on my “future ex-husband” list. Such a funny and brilliant man. Yummy too. 😉

Well I am going to start in on the Felicity hat for an instant gratification project. I need one after the never ending clap. I also have the lace wrap for my ex-MIL that I need to actually start working on. She might be getting her X-mas prezzie a little late this year.

Everyone have a great week…I’m off to buy some lottery tickets!


14 thoughts on “I have good news, and……..

  1. Oh you look so regal in your new Clap. It is indeed gorgeous and drapey. Sorry to hear about Mr Larg’s job, hope large amounts of positive things come your way ASAP!!!The Financial thing is very boogelly. I have no finances to lose, so I guess I’m lucky!!!

  2. I am so very sorry to hear about Mr. Larj. That totally sucks. The economy is indeed frightening – and we seem to be powerless as our 401k’s take a dive. Hang in there – ’cause what else can you do? Hopefully the election (go Obama!) will help to bring some bounce to the markets.BTW, your clapotis is gaw-jus, dahling. Lovely.

  3. You’re Clap is beautiful. Sorry about Mr Larj. You are right about being lucky to have a job right now. As much as I do not want to go back next week I know I have to. Well unless we want to be like Chris Farley and live in a van down by the river!

  4. Love your Clap (never thought I would ever put those words together in a sentence… does penicillin take care of it??? :-))Very sorry about Mr. Marj. It (the economy, jobs, housing prices, stock market…) just makes me sick. Hoping the best for you.

  5. The Clapotis is gorgeous! I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine.So sorry to hear about Mr. Marj. I can’t wait until this economy starts to turn around. And we all start doing better.Good luck to us all!S.

  6. The Clap looks wonderful!So sorry to hear about Mr Larj, the financial situation for much of the world is really bad right now, I hope (and want to believe) that it can only get better. Sending positive vibes your way!

  7. Been a while…Ah, that’s a beautiful clapotis. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I enjoy mine. I believe it is my favorite knitted thing of all time. :-)So sorry about Mr. Larg

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