A Little Breathing Room…..

On all fronts…..

For starters the American People impressed me this election, finally saying with their vote that they’ve had enough of the false conservatism that’s been slowly spiraling this country downward. Granted, it took the economy being completely derailed, a seemingly endless occupation in Iraq and crushing foreign debt for it to happen, but at least it happened.

I can only hope that Barack Obama, can slog through the mess that he’ll inherit and at least start to move this country forward.

As far as healing the rift between conservatives and liberals, I don’t know what it will take in order for that to happen. I really feel that there is a huge cultural divide in this country and I don’t know what it will take to narrow the gap. There is still a lot of fear, racism, and ignorance out there unfortunately it’s being fueled by right wing pundits, Internet rumor mills and of course Faux News.

My sister Gus was here a couple of weeks ago. I really love this pic of us together even though she hated it! Aren’t we cute? LOL!! We did our usual field trip to the Eastern Market, Trader Joe’s, Sushi and Ethiopian food.

The only bummer is that she didn’t have any knitting going on so we didn’t hit any LYS’s. After finishing “the clap” I had a little bit of knitting fatigue so I opted to do a couple of instant gratification projects before digging in to my ex-MIL’s lace wrap. I made a couple of the Felicity hats (for myself). I love the pattern, it goes really quickly and the fit is great for my peanut head. 😉 The brown hat is made with Berocco Ultra Alpaca and the multi maroon/green is made with Malbrigo.

Well, Mr. Larj has still not been called back to work. He filed for unemployment and got his first check the other day.

I feel like things in this state will get worse before they get better. The most heartening indicator that I’ve seen this week is Jennifer Granholm hanging out with president elect Obama this week. Hopefully she’s filling his ear about how people are really suffering in this state. Of course like the banking situation, the auto companies got greedy and stuck their head in the sand when it came to financial and market trends. They did it to themselves, unfortunately the working people are the ones paying for their ineptitude.

Everyone have a great week!!


6 thoughts on “A Little Breathing Room…..

  1. Well said on the Election result. I’m just happy that I won’t have to justify my living in this country to friends who believe it is entirely full of “Faux News” watchers, I know this to be true but the last 2 elections tried to make me a liar.

  2. You and your sister are too cute!Your hats are lovely. Mine is sitting at school waiting to be fumigated because I ended up lending it to a student with questionable grooming habits!Is Mr Larj okay?

  3. I love the photo of you and your sis–too adorable! Makes me miss my sister :(I really hope Obama will help turn things around again. I figure no matter what he does, it can’t be worse than Bush. The economy is totally scary right now–my bf and I are both employed by the state and all we hear about lately are budget cuts, potential layoffs, etc. It sucks.

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