da Funk

Yes, I’m officially in that wonderful winter/holiday funk. I feel like I’m just going through the motions of my day lately. Not that I haven’t had a lot on my mind with Mr. Larj still out of work and possibly not getting called back anytime soon or ever for that matter. So Merry f**kin’ X-mas. If I see one more advertisement featuring happy families all gathered round you’ll be reading about me in the local paper for some sort of mayhem. It does not look good for the automotive industry getting a financial boost any time soon. It seems like the banks and financial institutions had a much easier time of getting Congress to hand them a check than the big 3. Not that the auto industry hasn’t royally shot themselves in the foot, they have, but I would think that preserving a manufacturing base in this country would be um…..important to the overall economy.

Oh yeah…knitting. The above photo is of the Noro Mock Cable Wave socks that I finished last week. I tried to get a decent full foot shot but it just turned out weird.

The lace stole for my X-Mil is about a third of the way done. I think I might have to get another skein to bring it to the right length. I like the pattern and it’s pretty mindless for lace knitting.

I did feel the need to have an instant gratification project so I started and finished a Starburst hat from Wooly Wormhead. I love the way it fits, it’s a real “Rasta” cap. In fact I liked the pattern so much I started a second one in a creme color. The pic, courtesy of Sarah at work.

Next in line? I think I would like to finally attempt some 2 color knitting. I have the Selbuvotter book and although I like a lot of the patterns I am really leaning towards the pirate mittens that I have seen on Ravelry.

I am also feeding my obsession by planning to make a pair of “man mitts” for a certain someone. I can’t say it was entirely my idea as Beth at work sort of planted the idea of doing this for him. What the hell….why not.

I wish this was a little more of an upbeat post but….we’ll see what the future brings.

Everyone have a great week…


11 thoughts on “da Funk

  1. Yep, it’s that wonderful time of year … NOT. I’ll be so glad when it’s over, it just drags on and on earlier and earlier every year. I hope your hubby finds work soon.I love the socks! And the hat too, and the lace is gorgeous!

  2. Ms. LM – yeah, I feel your dispiritedness. Hang in there – there’s entirely too much built into this holiday, anyway. Your knitting is gorgeous!

  3. I hear ya. G is due to be laid off Dec 27 and almost no hope of rehire in the spring like usual. We are crossing our fingers that the feds take over the project and hire him in the spring. And did I mention that we just bought a house? Eek. I am glad we saved as much as we could over the last five years so we at least have some emergency funds.Damn econonmy!

  4. Keep on knittin mama.. knittin that funk away. There is not a lot about Christmas that remains free from blistering seasonal advertising, sadly. You will make it through this without ending up in the newspapers. Hang in there spunky one!!! How about three more? !!!You are loved! And the knitting ain’t bad neither. ;O)

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