It’s Over…..

The whole holiday season and 08′. Good riddance I say. Although there were a few positive things about last year there were also some really trying moments. I don’t know if this year will be better but I hope my stress level will start to come down a little.

Still picking away at the lace stole for my X-Mil. I knew it wouldn’t be done for X-mas, though I had hoped to be a little further along than where I am. It’s getting there though, the pattern repeats are easy, almost monotonous. The pics really don’t show how pretty the color is. I’m sure once it’s blocked and all the colors will really pop.

I have a few things that are a little more “instant gratification” in mind for some new knitting. I also started a new “at work” sock to work on during my lunch hour. It’s Opal Hundertwasser in a crazy yellow color. I’m going with a simple garter rib pattern. The colors of this yarn really speak for themselves.

Ok, let’s review the year past:

Bad things

Mr. Larj losing his job
Mr. Larj working sporadically
My tendinitis moving to new and interesting locations in my body
My parents slowly declining
Deep dark depression tapping on my shoulder
My friend Cyndi moving to D.C.
Increased isolation in my world (see above two points)
Watching the economy in Michigan implode

Good things

Seeing Apocalyptica three times!
I’m still working and enjoying my work
My dog is still healthy
Mr. Larj and I are still relatively healthy
We are still in our home
I was able to visit Cyndi in D.C. and experience a new place
I have a major yarn stash (with lots of sock yarn)
My parents are still with us

There is some semblance of balance. I guess my Irish blood leans towards melancholy. Lets hope for a better year for all of us.

I’ll leave you with a vid taken New Years Eve at midnight at the end of my driveway. A little fireworks and a little gunfire all mixed in.


13 thoughts on “It’s Over…..

  1. Here’s to stress relief and good news in 2009! You’ve had some serious ups and downs (I hear ya on the isolation part…). Hope the new year is more up than down.

  2. It seems like almost everyone I know had some sort of crap in 2008. I think we are all hoping for a better upcoming year!I love the fireworks video–I wish people here would get a little crazy on New Year’s Eve. It was so quiet in my neighborhood. I think like you I lean toward melancholy…all’s I could think about was back 10 years when all our friends would get together and have a big party, and stand out on the deck yelling “Merry New Year” in the cold Boston night…

  3. Hey Marj-it’s Angela the PA that used to work for Devireddy and got knocked up and left…just to remind you. I cannot believe it took me so long to look on your blog but I am glad as you would have inspired me to take my knitting to heights my budget cannot afford. I am finally in the middle of the tidal wave socks you gave me the pattern for and finding them very enjoyable to make. I was thinking of you and wanted to say hello and I apologize for taking so long- I thought of you and Beth often as I knitted through my pregnancy and longed for knitting time with a screaming baby. Just wanted to say hi. Hope this year is starting off better for you.

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