Hibernating and Hoo-Ha’s

Even though the weather has been a lot kinder to us this week I find that I am still stuck in hibernation mode. Especially today, it was a bit of a late night last night. It was one of the rare occasions where Mr. Larj and I actually went out….gasp!!….together….GASP!!! We went to the Dirty Show, it’s an erotic art exhibit held annually here in Detroit. The art is really well done, a lot of it is very tongue in cheek. We watched a couple of the burlesque shows and took in all of the exhibits. One of the exhibits really caught my eye…knitted va-jay-jays. That’s right, there were 3 of them but this orange acrylic number is really exceptional. It could be yours for $140. I’ve always hesitated about submitting anything for the exhibit but I think I might at least give it a go next year. If knitted Hoo-ha’s pass the jurying process then body parts in sterling silver should be a shoo in.

As for knitting on my part, everything seems to be a slow go lately. I’ve been in this mad winter funk and cant seem to pull myself out of it this year. I think it’s all the stuff going on with the economy and Mr. Larj’s job situation (which hasn’t changed), and it’s all getting to me. I am still plucking away at the never ending stole that I had hoped to have done last month. I had also wanted to start the man mitts and haven’t done that yet either. I did however purchace this lovely Julip bag for upcoming potential projects. I might not have projects on the needles but I have the bags to put them in! I think I’m turning in to a bag ho’. 😉

In other news…not much. I finally took the plunge and cut myself a fringe. I had been contemplating it for a while when last week I read an article in the paper where it said that bangs were the over 40 poor woman’s Botox. Well I fit in to the over 40 and financially strapped category so I fired up my scissors and went for it. What do you think?

We are also now doing electronic documentation at work. It’s been a little bit of an adjustment. No paperwork! Personally, I like it better but some of the staff are struggling with it. I still can’t believe how many people are not computer literate.

Well, I guess I’d better get off my butt and go over to the Evil One’s lair to pick up some of my mail and have my weekly dose of verbal abuse. I ordered the “fug a day” knitting calender and it just came in. I had the “Stitch and Bitch” one last year but it’s not nearly as entertaining as making fun of all the hideous crap that the “Knitting pattern a Day” editors try to pass off as knit-worthy. Luckily I sit next to fellow knitter Beth, at work and we can snicker together.

Everyone have a great week!


10 thoughts on “Hibernating and Hoo-Ha’s

  1. When I was little and read American books: Little Women maybe? Trixie Belden etc, I always wondered what ‘bangs’ were. Know I know they are a fringe!! Yours is very lovely!! What an ‘interesting’ piece of knitting. I definitely think you could give it a go!! Very cute bag!! Hope Mr Larj has some luck soon.

  2. Love the fringe! Great cutting. Hmm – Mr Larj is looking mighty good :-0 What an odd orange acrylic whatever it is! I think silver body parts would be much more artistic, thank you.Hope things look up – winter funk ain’t no fun.

  3. Marj the bangs look really cute on you!I’ve been in hibernation mode too. Such a long icky winter. You had asked on my blog what yarn I used for the Booga bag, it was Patons SWS.

  4. I love the bangs – they look great on you!I’ve been struggling with the winter blues, too! I’m so ready for it to be over (and all the stressful job stuff, too).

  5. My friends went to the dirty show Saturday night too. We tried to have dinner before in Eastern Market, but it didn’t work out. So we ended up on an ‘adventurous’ trek over to Mexican Town.

  6. Hahahaha–when I first opened your blog, I was like “that’s a mighty dirty looking buttonhole.”I truly hope things will start looking up for you soon. Thinking of you!

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