As in that’s how many degrees Fahrenheit it was this AM when I begrudgingly woke up. I have to say that this is one of the coldest, snowiest, longest and most irritating winter’s that we’ve had in a long time. I looked on Accuweather for an extended forecast, supposedly warmer towards the next week and then cooling down again. Spring, muddy paw prints and all….I’ll take it at this point.

Today marks the end of my three day weekend. I felt like I was fairly productive on some levels. Thanks to Beth at work, I started a diversionary project of a “my so called scarf” using some Malabrigo. I also am making some progress on my Man Mitts. I started the index finger yesterday. I’m a little hesitant about doing separate fingers. I’ve never attempted it before and I hope that I don’t end up with huge gaps between. I am I-cording them simply because I can’t see using 3 dpn’s on such a small area. We’ll see…I just hope they turn out OK.

Mr. Larj has been getting a bit more fill in work at his two contingent jobs. I just wish he could get something really steady. Having this little bit of extra work has really helped to ease my stress level at least a little. I don’t have to tell anyone how bad the economy is but here in Detroit…we’re really taking a hit.

Off to pick away at the glove for a little bit before I start to wrap up the loose ends around here and get ready for my work week. The good news is that the days are getting noticeably longer, doesn’t that mean that spring is right around the corner?

Everyone have a great week….

BTW…my Ex-Mil received her stole and LOVED it 🙂


9 thoughts on “Nine

  1. I heard on NPR tonight that Michigan has the highest unemployment rate in the country at something like 10.9%. It made me think of you and Mr. Larj. Hang in there…

  2. Hoping it’s hotter for you soon. It’s not very Autumnal here: too hot in the nights, 20*C, we’re melting.Nice scarf, that’s such a good pattern and very nice mitts indeed!!Glad Mr Larj is finding some work to fill his hours.

  3. The scarf looks really cute so far! And if you want to try the individual fingers without the i-chord, let me know. I did some on a pair of mitts a little while back, it’s no different than picking up the thumb after doing the gusset.Glad to hear that the ex-MIL loved the stole! That’s always great! 😀

  4. Great knitting! Ugh, weather in Michigan, yuck! We had a snowday yesterday! March 9, snowday, yuck!!Mr. Larj’s pic is hot 😉 😉

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