Anybody There?

Seriously? is there anyone who blogs or reads blogs anymore. I have been trying to be a little more diligent with my posting but my number of comments seems to have completely dwindled off to next to nothing. Still, thanks to the peeps who have stayed here and continue to support my boring drivel about my fascinating life.

On to knitting. I have been sidelined by a diversionary project that I’ve been referring to as the “Scooby Doo” hat because it’s a mystery. The pattern is pretty vague and caused my pal Beth a great deal of hair pulling. So…I was intrigued enough to start my own. It’s a simple lace but somehow we both lost one stitch in the first round and because I have a little more experience with tweaking lace I was able to get the pattern back on the right track. I’m making mine more of a Rasta style cap instead of a beanie.

Other things that I have going are a mystery project for a mystery person using the blue Paton’s classic. I always try to have a “no-brainer” project going so here’s the green Merkin scarf shown here. I am finished with the “Man Mitts“, I just need to weave in the ends and sew up between the fingers. This something I really hate doing so of course I’ve been putting it off. I haven’t touched my Glynis socks all week. I’m also trying to decide which lace project to start. I feel sort of lost without one, besides I need to break in my new lace knitting bag.

I really need to make a pledge to start knitting from my stash and only my stash. I have been stimulating the economy lately with some yarn purchases only to find that when I went to put them away my stash cabinet was a little …ahem….full. It’s comforting in a way though to know that at least if things get really tight for us at least I’ll have yarn. It’s the same sort of feeling I get from a fully stocked freezer, I know I won’t starve for a while.

Speaking of food..have any of you heard of Dr. Oz’s green drink? My boss told me she’s been drinking it for a couple of weeks. It’s like a veggie smoothie. I made a batch last week and have had a glass every day. I usually have to water it down a bit as it’s a little on the thick side but It tastes pretty good. I really need to get back on track with eating better. The last couple of weeks I’ve been slacking more than I should.

Mr. Larj’s status is about the same. At least he’s been able to continue to fill in and it’s been steady of late. My job is status quo except we were informed last week that we will be doing some rotations to inpatient rehab for a week at a time. I’ll have to up my meds when that happens as I’m sure my stress level will double.

Well enough procrastination for now. Everyone have a great week!


21 thoughts on “Anybody There?

  1. we must be on the same kick nutrition-wise, because last night i was suddenly struck by how much i’ve fallen back on processed food and haven’t been cooking since The Boy and i split up… time to get back on the bandwagon! green drink looks interesting– i like that it just uses a blender since my juiceman (yay! yard sale score!) is a real you-know-what to clean…

  2. I’m still here, but have been really slack. Only reason I am about today is because I feel like absolute crap. Maybe I need some green juice?You have got so much knitting on the go. I think a reason I have been quiet is because I am being so monogamous at the moment, there is nothing interesting to say!

  3. Im here! I think there is something with the facebook and rav killing the radio star though. Plus a freaking looooooong winter where people are so seasonal affective that it takes too much effort to lift your fingertips to type. Just my theories… I thought that green drink was a result of a puree to the scarf..whats in it?

  4. I have nothing for comparison when it comes to my blogger. I’ve never receive any comments since I got it last year, so I have no clue if it’s being read or not. I’m only keeping it now so I can comment on my friends blogs like you, Sara, Sonya and Amy’s (although I guess I could’ve used my open id with my LJ or wordpress LOL).Jenny

  5. LM, I always enjoy reading your blog. However, these days I’m feeling like a lifeless blob as I slog through the daily grind that is my life. So, my mind isn’t always functioning well and causes me to cease communication with the outside world. I.E. I haven’t been leaving comments. I’ll be better!

  6. I’m hear, but so far behind on blog reading. I love the green furry scarf and your new hat. Both are beautiful colors. I’m supposed to be knitting from stash but then I see something that makes me go “oooo” and I’ve mostly held out but I did get some wedding/birthday money for stash enhancing…

  7. I have noticed the same thing – but I always read and comment on yours :-)Haven’t tried Dr. Oz yet, but I have been thinking about it… Does that count? It looks like it would taste okay – but then my cooking friends call me the veggie queen.Got to get back in the studio. Later gator-

  8. Found your blog through a link on a friend’s site. I’m not very “domestic.” Never learned how to knit or crochet. But I admire your work. Beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous knitting!And yeah, I’m still there, just a bit preoccupied with work these days. Managing my biggest project ever, it’s a time sink, even over the weekend.

  10. Hey lady! Few things, first keep writing because I enjoy reading as a break at work! Also, I finally stimulated the knitting economy on knitpicks and the first order arrived and I am waiting for the second. So excited to start on a lacy project for my MIL….it will likely take me a year! Although my knitting time has disappeared….wonder if it will be back soon?

  11. I love the idea that out there somewhere there are updates on people that interest me just waiting for the time when I can catch up though I am not so great at blog reading these days. 🙂

  12. Strangely I am actually here – but you’re right – I haven’t been commenting – or blogging as much as I should – bad, naughty me – but I had to comment on the green drink – sounds as if it might be ‘shudder’ healthy!

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