Something to show….

At last something to show for all of my absenteeism from this blog and life in general. I finally finished the Shalom Cardi, just in time for the warm weather. Oh, well there will probably at least one more cold snap before we get hit with summer’s heat. I really enjoyed making this, it only took me a little over 3 weeks to finish. I like the way it fits, it’s a little flarey at the bottom but I think that with wear or a little steam blocking that should remedy itself. The color is a little more green than in the photo. I did lots of modifications to this pattern to get the right size and add the little cap sleeves. Of course all of the stats are on my Ravelry page along with more pics. I am loving photo cropping, takes care of any bad hair day issues.

I’ve also been doing a little gardening, which this year consisted of raking out all of the dead stuff from last year and throwing a bunch of wild flower seeds around. My feeling is that whatever happens happens. Most of my perenials came back with the exception of a lavender plant and the butterfly bush. We have had the absolute worst luck with those. For some odd reason we can’t seem to keep one alive for more that two or three seasons. The soil is good because Mr. Larj replaced it all when he tilled the garden. I suppose I shall try again, they really do attract butterflies and bees. Here’s a close up of one of my batchelor buttons.

As for other goings on, I have a new toy, my own laptop. What neccesitated this purchase? It seems that Mr. Larj has found the World of Warcraft to be far more preferable than the real world. So he spends absolutely all of his time playing. It’s a miracle that I managed to snag him to take pics of me wearing my cardi. In a way, it’s a good thing, the only problem is that I had to transfer a lot of my files to the new device using a flash drive and Windows XP and Windows Vista dont always play well together and my iTunes and iPhone stuff didn’t transfer at all so I had to start from scratch with everything. Very time consuming. Maybe that’s why I haven’t blogged?

I also celebrated Maudether’s day with my little mom. She and I went out to lunch at the Big Bear Lodge in Flat Rock. She needed to get out. She doesn’t get to very often as she takes care of my dad who has dementia. Not that Harry is low level but he needs supervision for the most part.

Knitwise I started the Revontuli shawl. I got to row 26 of the chart and was totally lost. Can I say thank Cod for Ravelry? It’s so awesome being able to contact other people who have made stuff and get help or find out what problems they had etc. It has certainly saved me a lot of headaches and I’m always happy to let someone else do the math for me when it comes to tweaking a pattern.

Upcoming events, my sister Gus and my friend Cyndi are coming in to town at the end of the month. I took a few days off but I think that I am going to try to scam one more out of the boss since I have an extra “flex” day that I need to use up.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


4 thoughts on “Something to show….

  1. Yes, I love cropping too.The Shalom looks fabulous and you are definitely excused because of your technical difficulties. Have a great time with your family when they visit!!!

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