I feel like I’m lurking on my own blog these day. I’ve been really lame about updating and keeping up with what’s going on in my knitting and real life.

As for knitting, I am picking away at the Indigo Ripples skirt. I have finished the stockinette portion and am moving on to the lace section. Of course I had to chart it out for myself. I can’t function without a chart. I can’t believe that it’s already inundated with dog hair. I swear I’m going to shave that dog one of these days. I am also still picking away on the Glynis sock from the Cookie A. book and of course my “at work” socks are an ongoing and never ending project. I really like the pattern that I’m using for the work sock. It’s the “River Rapids” sock from Sock Bug. Nice pattern, works up fast and is easily memorized.

Everyday stuff. Nothing really new here. We are having a really lovely summer in these parts. The weather has been just stellar. My flowers are all doing well except my roses look like crap. They just take too darn much maintenance. I’m all about fast and dirty gardening. My tactic this year was to sow some wildflower seed early in the spring and whatever happened happened. I have to say that the result was fantastic. Not only are they oh so pretty but they choke out the weeds. That’s right, no weeding!

Mr. Larj is still obsessed with playing World of Warcraft. I think its a pathetic waste of time but….I guess whatever floats his boat. At least it keeps him out of my hair. My folks are doing OK. My mom put my Dad in to hospice. Before anyone freaks out…it’s basically for his dementia and it gives him a little more TLC from the visiting nurses. In fact I stopped in at their house today and got to meet all of my Dad’s caregivers. They all seem really awesome. Personally, I still think that Harry is going to outlive all of us 😉

Work is work…I am splitting my time between departments which means that I get absolutely nothing done. I keep telling myself that inefficiency = job security. Still it’s frustrating to try and give quality treatment when I’m being pulled in two different directions.

Well that’s about it….nothing thrilling, no vacation plans, no major changes….is that a good thing?

Everyone have a great week…month…..


6 thoughts on “Lurking

  1. Ooh, Indigo Ripples! I've been intrigued by that pattern for a while, and also by the general idea of knitted skirts. Do update us on your progress, please (not that I have any room to talk when it comes to lurking on one's own blog…).

  2. I would like to catch up with the skirt progress too. Glad to hear you are still out and about!!! Our weather is wintry and nice. We have had a tsunami alert, snow and gale force winds as well as an almost record 18*C!! We have all the seasons in one week!!

  3. My roses are all spindly and aren't blooming hardly at all…I don't think we've gotten enough sun this summer for them. Can't wait to see how your IR skirt turns out…I got almost all the way through it a couple of years ago and then realized I made it about three sizes too small. Ooops!

  4. Well it says indigo but it sure looks like an eyecrossing project to me. I'll bet it's going to be very pretty! Good luck on it Marj.WoW, Hmmm.. Ya, people get obsessed with the games and then the family has to do an intervention. I hope that it doesn't come to that. ;o)I hope you get all your scattered bits of self back in one mirror soon. Hugz!

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