Winding down while wound up…..

It’s sad but true, summer is slowly winding down. It’s still hot as hell here and we’ve only run the AC one week all summer. I have to say that this has truly been one of the laziest summers that I’ve had in recent years. I’ve really had zero motivation to do anything, walk the dog, garden, you name it. I could care less. All I’ve wanted to do is sit on my butt, surf the web and knit. Given all of that you’d think that I would have a mound of knitting done but I haven’t managed to finish anything in a while. That is until this last week. Ta Da!! The non-indigo ripples skirt is finally finished. I love the way it turned out. The yarn that I used is a little “sheddy” but other than that perfect. I did a few modifications all the specs are on my Ravelry projects page.

I think a large part of my decreased motivation is on account of my job. For the last few months I’ve been splitting my time between Inpatient Rehab and Acute treatment. I feel like I am going in every day not knowing what’s going to hit me. Now towards the end of the summer with everyone wanting to get time off we are really stretched thin and my rehab caseload has been sick, both figuratively and literally. I will be glad if and when we can ever get our staff levels up and everyone is back from their vacations and leaves. I’m tired of being tired.

Speaking of time off, Mr. Larj and I have scheduled a bit of vacation time for September. We plan on heading to the upper peninsula of Michigan to see the sites and hopefully some fall colors. I haven’t been up there since I was a kid and only to the Soo Locks. I’m hoping to head towards the Marquette, Keweenaw peninsula area.

What’s on the knitting needles? I have the Leaf T-shirt started just barely and I have a couple of sock projects going. I also got the yarn in the mail today to start the Jaakukka shawl. I’ve been working on translating the pattern from Finnish with help from some of the gals from Ulla, the Finnish online knitting mag. I’m going to do mine in red…oh yes…red. 😉

Also as you can tell by the above photo I’ve started spinning. That little scamp Sonya gifted me a spindle, roving and a how to spin book. That’s what I accomplished the other night. It’s a lot harder than it looks but I hope to conquer this new obsession and make it work.

Everyone have a great week.


8 thoughts on “Winding down while wound up…..

  1. Your skirt is fabulous and you look very swish!!!I am sad to hear that your work is so stressful,, our nurses and other medical staff have the same thing here. There are not enough people to go around. The holiday sounds like a great idea!!! Good luck with the RED shawl!!!

  2. I love the skirt on you! Can't wait to see the outfit you put together when you wear it.Hopefully you'll make it to the UP in time to see the pretty colors.About the spindle and accessories, I'm so glad I could enable you to start something new. Don't forget when I first started spinning, I swore I'd never spin again, I hated it so much. Then a day or so later it clicked and within a month I had several spindles and a wheel. Enjoy it! It's loads of fun!

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