A new obsession…

Well, I finally got sucked in to the world of spinning thanks to a little enabling from Sonya. I started out with a drop spindle, then moved on to a Trindle and thanks to Mr. Larj I now own an Ashford Kiwi spinning wheel. It’s going to take me a little getting used to. I don’t claim any sort of proficiency but, I’m getting there. I think having a wheel has actually made me a better spindle spinner. It’s all in the “feel” for what’s going on with the wool and drafting process. I tried out about ten wheels at The Spinning Loft and settled on the Kiwi. Mr. Larj got lucky on this one since it’s one of the more reasonably priced wheels.

That doesn’t mean that I’ve abandoned the drop spindle. I think I even managed to salvage my first effort at spinning. It’s a single that I did on Schacht spindle. It was totally overspun in spots and well…wonky to say the least. I gave it a good soak and then I dyed it with orange Kool-Aid with a smidge of grape thrown in to tone it down to a pumpkin color. I think it turned out ok, I just hope I can knit it up in to something and that the overspin doesn’t come back to haunt me. I weighted the hell out of it when it was drying so hopefully that’ll tame it.

My second effort was a little more involved. I spun two singles u
sing my trindle and then plied them on the wheel. My first experience with plying was a little hair raising to say the least. I was glad that I had Marilyn at Ewe-nique knits there to lend me a hand and sort things out. I attended the spinning circle that they have on Sat AM’s. It’s $10 for 3 hours, though not officially a class, more like an informal instruct. The color is a little crazy but I like it. I also went back out to The Spinning Loft to have my wheel tweaked and of course invested in some more roving. Now I’ll need 2 stash cabinets!

My friend Jim also offered me a little acerage for a sheep. He said that all I have to do is pay for feed and hay in the winter time. He already has 2 sheep so they wouldn’t be an “only”. I am seriously thinking about it.

As for knitting? I’m a little vexed that my tendinitis is still hanging around enough to make me back off of my knitting as of late. There are things that I really want to work on but I am also trying to make this pain stop. It’s easing up slightly but ever so slightly. I’m a frikkin ‘ soft tissue nightmare.

I am in the home strretch of the Jaakukka shawl. I am crossing my fingers that I’ll have enough yarn to finish. I ran it past a couple of experienced lace knitters and they seem to think I should make it. I think “should” is the key word here 😉 There’s one skein up for sell or trade on Ravelry so I should probably just go for it and if I run out at least there’s that option.

As for any other news…nothing really. Everything is pretty much status quo. Well…off to do a little spinning 😉


5 thoughts on “A new obsession…

  1. Of course I love your green wool!! But the pumpkin colour is lovely too, and I am as always, totally in awe of people's ability to spin wool from , well, wool!!! Pretty fabulous I reckon!! Glad to hear the status quo is pottering along. Looking forward to some more spinning from you now!

  2. I am so glad that I was able to give you a little nudge into the direction of spinning. I love being an enabler.Your yarns look great! I especially love the dyed orange one. Great work, just as I expected!

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