New Year, New Stuff

After finishing up my lace shawl I went looking for a few projects that were a little more “non thinking”. I found a really great pattern in the “scrunchable scarf” and decided to make a long scarf using up some of my worsted weight scraps of odd bits of color. I held 2 yarns through out and given the way that I joined everything it flows together in an odd sort of way. I like the way it turned out and so does Chief. I used him to model as I am at the end of my 3 day weekend and I’m a little disheveled.

I started working on an easy lace scarf using some of my hand spun, hand dyed aubergine sport weight. The pattern I’m using is “Branching Out” from Knitty. When I finished this yarn I knew I wanted something lace but not too busy to take away from the color or texture of the yarn. This is my first 100% spun and plied on the wheel yarn. I also dyed it myself with Kool-aid and food coloring. I think the purple came out really fantastic, it’s much deeper than in the photo.

My second wheel spun project turned out 630 yards of yummy green goodness. I plied together some variegated green along with a solid and came up with a really fab color combo. I ❤ the Bitterroot shawl from Knitty. I think I should be OK for yardage for the shawlette size and I really love the organic look of the lace on this one.

Of course along with spinning wheels come spinning accessories. Sonya gifted me a cup holder especially made for the Kiwi wheel. Perfect and I got to test run it on Saturday at the Ewnique Knits spinning circle. I’m really enjoying going. It’s a really great group and a lot of the spinners are also in the health care field. For me it makes for an easier “fit” given that I think that it’s a field where there really is a different mind set and language. I also gifted myself a spinning bag. I had been schlepping my stuff around in a paper shopping bag. (Not very chic) I decided I needed something a little better. Harry’s Army Navy to the rescue. I found a really great military tool bag that fits everything I need, my niddy noddy, lazy kate, spindle, fiber, plus plenty of room for fiber, bobbins and of course, my cup holder. A great deal at $20. I also picked up a sweet little map bag that fits my netbook and charger perfectly and has enough room for a small knitting project. Perfect. I love the Army navy store, you never know what you’re going to find.

As for non-knitting spinning news. Nothing really, just dragging through the worst part of winter when everything is gray and shitty looking. I vowed to get in to some sort of winter sport this year but I have yet to find the time and motivation to do so. Not good really because I feel like a bloated sack of adipose tissue.

Mr. Larj is still addicted to the War-Crack. He wanders in to the family room every now and again, claims he’s getting bored of it and then wanders back in to the front room and starts playing again. What fun. Nothing else new with the rest of the fam. Spent some time with Maude and Harry the other day. She struggles but manages to keep going. As do we all right? Hope everyone is starting their new year on an upswing. Everyone have a great week.


10 thoughts on “New Year, New Stuff

  1. Chief is doing an excellent job, though he looks like he might take off at any minute!!The wool is beautiful, the purple and the green especially. It will be a lovely Bitterroot.We used to have Army Surplus stores, maybe there is one in the South here, is that what your ArmyNavy is??Soon it will be Spring where you are, and Autumn for me, it doesn't take very long for the season to change!!What sport were you possibly thinking of doing????

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