Inching Forward…

Well, that’s what it feels like anyway. Slow progress on projects and life in general. I’ve had to limit all knitting and spinning projects on account of the f**king tendinitis that’s still bedeviling me. I have however made a little progress in my recovery thanks to sticking to my exercises and having gone through a series of self prescribed DMSO treatments. Of course lets not forget our regular companion…ice.

Where to start, it’s been a while. Still working on spinning, both on the wheel and the spindle. I finished a lovely mixed green batt from Frankie Love, that I plied with a bland brownish gray coopworth to come up with an interesting mix of funky green and organic brown that I thought was perfect for the Seaweed Scarf. That’s really about the only thing that I have on the needles right now other than a couple of surprise items for an expecting friend.

I managed to finish the “Citron” shawlette out of my hand dyed hand spun wool. It’s a really great pattern though the wording is a little wonky. It’s just perfect for these cold mornings that we’ve been having lately. Speaking of hand dyed roving…I’ve been going a little crazy with the cake icing dyes, I’ve dyed 2 batches of roving, one with greens, browns and a smidge of burgundy, another with purple, blues, brown and gold. They both turned out really awesome and I can’t wait to see the end result of spinning them up. For now though, I’m working on spinning a bit of Australian merino dyed by Sarah from Fiber Story. I’m hoping to ply it light to dark, we’ll see how successful I am in probably a couple of weeks.

As for other goings on, I got back this week from 4 days in Lexington MI where I was part of my first Knit-away put on by Tina. This girl is so organized I can’t even wrap my head around it. There were wonderful door prizes, yarn swaps, professional massages, awesome food and even more awesome company. It was great to hang out with old friends and meet up with some new ones. We had really great weather and were pretty much right on the beach. It was really nice to be able to take walks and just chill out. I’m hoping to do this one again!

As for other going’s on? Mr. Larj forgot our anniversary…..again. What a tool! He did however try to make up for it with flowers and taking me out to dinner. It kills me because he has his phone that will remind him of dates, appointments etc., yet he refuses to utilize technology to his advantage. Whatever go kill some Orcs nerd boy!

Mom Larj is trying to learn to use the internet and email. My sister gave her a net book a few months ago and my nephew was supposed to come out and hook it up. As happens in our family, he never came through so Maude called Comcast to get everything sorted and now she’s hooked in to the web. Not sure how it’s going to work out for her. Her vision isn’t the greatest. I changed the background to high contrast on her settings so we’ll have to wait and see. Harry is about the same. When Maude told him that Mr. Larj and I had been married for 14 years he said “Yiiick!!”. So, I guess he’s still in there on some level.

Other than that work is work, nothing new there other than trying to fiberliciously enable my co-workers. I am trying to swing PT Beth to the dark side and bring her in to spinning. Jennifer, one of our nurses is a new knitter! Welcome to the fold, you don’t stand a chance. 😉

Coming up…Rock on the Range!! So frickkin’ excited. I guess that Apocalyptica has been playing some of the new stuff of of their forthcoming album. Can’t wait to hear it. Fellow OT Jenny and her guy Tim will be making the trip too so at least I’ll have someone to hang with. Apocalyptica also rescheduled their canceled Pontiac show, for July 17. Of course you know that once the pre-sale hit, I was on it so I’ll get to see them twice this summer! Yay!! Other than that, looking forward to warmer weather and long sunny days. See ya!!


4 thoughts on “Inching Forward…

  1. I hope your tendinitis keeps improving, but in spite of that you have knitted a beautiful Citron and the Seaweed Scarf is looking so lovely!!I am glad you have forgiven Mr Larj!!!Your Knit Away sounds like a lot of fun!!!

  2. I hate tendon pain! I hope it goes away soon. And… you get to see Apocalyptica? I'm utterly jealous.Citron is next on my list. I love how yours came out — ouchy tendons notwithstanding.

  3. I've temporarily quit knitting (or using the computer) partially because of a tendons in the fingers problem. I'm sorry you have the big nasty in your wrist. :o( It's been a long time you've been fighting it. Tried FB but that's history now. I'm wishing you better weather all around. Hang in there Doll!

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