My dad Harry passed away this AM at 9:15 at home with my mom. He’d been suffering with vascular dementia for a number of years in a slow decline. Over the past couple of months he’d really started a downward spiral and was losing ground. He’d been bed bound over the last few weeks and no longer recognized me. Although he will be missed for many reasons, I am glad that he’s no longer suffering and his life which had become completely lacking in any kind of quality has ended fairly peacefully. My sister will be flying in from Washington State tomorrow and I’ll be picking her up. My mom seems to be holding up well but I think that in a lot of ways she’s putting up a brave front although I think she’s feeling a small amount of relief now that the role of 24 hour caregiver is no longer sitting on her shoulders. I guess his legacy if he were to have one is that you should always enjoy life and never take it too seriously.


12 thoughts on “Harry…..

  1. I'm so sorry you've lost your dad. I hope that with the passage of time your happy memories will sustain you. Love and Peace be yours and your mother's at this time.

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