Yarn, approximately $10………..

Concert ticket $17………….

Paavo’s reaction upon receiving his “Fornicating Deer” hat after the concert?……….Priceless.

Of course, everyone knows that I stalk….I mean follow Apocalyptica whenever they are in the states. I try to make as many gigs as I possibly can. This was my second time this year and my fifth time seeing them over all. It was amazing, awesome and phenomenal. What can I say? I’m a fan. Last week I found out that they were doing a gig in Chicago at the House of Blues on Sept. first. When I relayed this information to my co-workers, they all chimed in and said “go put in your time off request now because you already know that you’re going”. I guess they know me all too well. So, that’s exactly what I did. Then of course I got online and purchased my ticket. I sprung for the VIP ticket this time, I’m not sure all what that entails but I know that a meet and greet with the band before the show is part of it. At that point their new CD will have been out for a couple of weeks so I hope to hear a lot more of their new stuff.

As for Paavo’s reaction? I waited out by the bus with some other fans after the concert and when I had the chance I saw Paavo and walked up to him got my “Paavo hug” and then told him that I’d made something for him. I told him that I knew he liked to ski and I’d made him a little something to keep his head warm. I took the hat out of the ziploc that I had it stored in and and he said “Oh..” as I unfolded it he took it and when he saw the pattern he threw his head back and gave a huge belly laugh and put it on immediately. He LOVED it. 🙂 It really capped off my evening.

To add to my crazy weekend I went to see Iron Maiden with my “little sister” last night. It was a great time. The crowd was totally in to the music and of course everyone went nuts when Eddie came out on stage. Bruce Dickenson is one of the most amazing vocalists out there, they don’t call him the “air raid siren” for nothing. They played a lot of their old stuff that I was not as familiar with but, I like that. Though I enjoy the classics it’s nice to broaden my familiarity with their music.

As for knitting and spinning…well, you already know that I finished the hat. I haven’t started anything new yet. I probably need to address some of the UFO’s lurking in my knitting basket. I did however spin and ply some of the softest yummiest BFL with some roving that I dyed myself. The colors and the yarn turned out beautiful and oh so soft. It’s probably somewhere between a worsted and a chunky weight. I’m thinking, something against the skin would be great, maybe a cowl. I am missing my lace knitting though so I have the feeling something along the lines of a shawl might jump on to my needles some time soon.

What has Mr. Larj been up to? Working sporadically, the printing biz does tend to slow down in the summer time. Of course this leads to a little bit of panic every year but by fall it usually picks up. In this economy however, who knows, anything is possible. He has been getting out of the house more though and actually went to Apo with me on Friday!

Everyone have a great week and if you want to check out the rest of my photo’s from the gig here’s the link to my flickr page.


3 thoughts on “Priceless………..

  1. How fabulous!!! Excellent that your work was appreciated, and there is nothing better than meeting you 'heroes'!!!I like your spinning too, very warm, toasty colours!!

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