Blogging 2.0

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So, let’s try this again shall we, but in a different space, as posted in my last blog, I had a very busy May.  After that, there wasn’t a lot going on until August when I inched close to the big 5-0.  After that it seemed as if everything went wrong.  For one thing after much discussion and soul searching, Eric and I decided that it was time for Chief to be put down.  He was getting physically and mentally worse by the day and we didn’t want him to get to the point where daily life was a struggle.  The hard part was that he was still such a happy boy, joyous just to fig 016be part of our household.   The morning we had this discussion needless to say my head wasn’t on right.  When I was pulling in to the parking lot at work, I was blinded by the glare of the sun as it was coming up.  I couldn’t really see what was in front of me but I knew there were some parking spots off to my left.  I started to make my turn when my car bogged down.  I initially thought that my transmission had taken a dump and my car had simply stopped. I had to get out of my car to actually see what had happened.  I had apparently missed seeing a large pole in the parking lot and ended up completely smashing in my left front quarter panel.  There was steam from the radiator and fluids leaking out.  Seriously, I could not believe my eyes.  I was hoping upon hope to drive this car till it was held together with duct tape and bungee cords.  So much for that idea, it was totalled.  The only “good” part is that I had the entire next week off.  I was then faced with the unpleasant task of car hunting.  I fuk 006had really planned on getting something cheap, used, and reliable with fairly low mileage.  The last thing I wanted was a stripped down new car without any of the features that I’d gotten used to.  Apparently due to the economy, everyone else had the same idea so cars with that description are very scarce and overpriced.  Mr. Larj said what I needed to look at was new, stripped down.  That’s what I ended up with.  I can’t say that I regret it, I’m enjoying this car.  It’s a Chevy Sonic with the bare bones, the only thing I got premium was the stereo and the color.  If I’m going to be driving a “roller skate”, I want it to be bright!  It’s definitely the smallest car I’ve ever owned, the best part is passing up the gas pump.  I’m getting about 32 miles a gallon compared to around 18 with the Vue.

After we cleared the hurdles of losing Chief and replacing my car and my not so enjoyable time off of work, Mr. Larj started thinking we needed another dog. I was fine, I wanted to wait another 6 months just to have a little down time, but Mr. Larj was bored and miserable.  We went to a pet adoption event and fostered a really smart Pibble for a week.  Hank was adorable and highly intelligent but he had some dominance issuesphoto 2 that were a big concern.  We took him back to the rescue and went to plan B.  I know that sometimes breeders will have dogs “bounce back” to them for whatever reason so I contacted a Dalmatian breeder just on the off chance that she might have an available dog or might know of someone who did.  She had been contacted the day before, one of her dogs was coming back to her.  We went over his history as to why he’d been bonged from 2 homes in a year. We decided to make the trip to Traverse to meet Rocco.  We decided that we would take a chance and adopt him and he’s been with us for over a month.  It’s been challenging, he’s only a year old and is very “busy”.

As for crafting stuff, I feel like I’ve hit a rut.  I have lots of stuff started and nothing ever gets finished.  I started the Chudnovsky Pi shawl back in May andphoto-1 (3) had it almost finished except for the edging.  The problem is that I won’t have enough yarn to finish the edges and it’s hand spun. So the question is, a) do I try to dye some similar weight hand spun to finish the edge as it’s written, or b) do I try to spin something similar to finish up the edge as the pattern is written or c) do I finish up the shawl with a different edge using the yarn I have left.  It’s a real conundrum and one that has kept me stalled for months.  I am working on my Boneyard Shawl made out of entirely spindle spun yarn with various shades of green.  I’m also doing a little “utility knitting” making some potluck mitts for walking the dog.

So that’s life these days, work is work,  my home life is what it is and Maude is still plugging along.  I hope to update a little more often now that it’s a little less painful.  Maybe even a finished project!


3 thoughts on “Blogging 2.0

  1. Wow, you’ve had a crazy few months there! I’m really sorry about losing Chief. We are in the middle of dealing with some pretty serious health issues with our cat and I’m not sure how things are going to turn out. I’m definitely starting to understand the difficulty of making “that” decision.
    On the plus side, I really like your new car! Especially in red!

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