Hibernation Mode

Yep, that’s where I’m at, I can’t seem to snap out of it. I have blown off social engagements, not returned phone calls, all and all hidden myself away. You’d think I’d be getting a lot more done. This is not the case as along with hibernation comes its co-conspirator, procrastination.

I have managed to squeak out a couple of knitting projects, One of my co-workers wanted to try her hand at lace knitting so I told her to find something that she wanted to make and I would knit it along with her. She chose wisely and went with the Ishbel shawl. It’s a very nice pattern, easily memorized repeats and very customizable. I did the small size of the stockinette and the large size repeats of lace. Very soothing to knit. I also finished Rocco’s coat, I just have to add the buttons. Image

All in all I think it turned out pretty well. I used Araucania Huasco, its 100% merino and knits up really well. I bought this in Columbus when I went down there for Rock on the Range last year. I just booked my trip again for this year. I got my ticket a little early this year as it looks like its selling out a little faster than last year. Of course I planned on an extra day to hit some of my favorite places in Columbus.

I’ve also been doing a little spinning, I completed my variegated mohair blend, pictures truly cannot do it justice, it’s really gorgeous. I managed to get 600 yards out of 8oz.


As for personal stuff, nothing really new. I am still not happy being Rocco’s owner. He’s really a dick. He’s completely obsessed with Eric and wants nothing to do with me, in addition he’s destructive and difficult. I feel like I don’t have anything to come home to. Getting him was a huge mistake but I feel like we’re stuck with him now given all of the $$$ we’ve put in to him with surgery and vet visits. Besides, he’s fine with Eric, he just hates me. So my quest to have at least an animal that loves me is an epic fail. My mom is status quo, she’s borderline in her home. I hate to say it, I hate having to call her. If I could count on a ten minute conversation then I wouldn’t even hesitate but it’s like pulling teeth to get information out of her and and it eventually turns in to an hour + on the phone. I spend my days with the sick and the elderly, when I come home I’m burned out and I just want to get done what I have to get done with minimal resistance. She does not make it easy. As for work, they randomly changed our schedules again. We are now expected to work 3 weekend days a month, we are the only discipline expected to do so. There seems to be a big disparity in our department regarding the use of our contingent staff and how weekends are staffed with OT at the short end of the stick. Obviously there are a lot of external stressors affecting me right now, unfortunately this has started to affect me physically. Over the last month or so I’ve been dealing with some low back pain and right shoulder pain issues that on occasion, require me to use NSAIDs. I don’t like taking medication but when absolutely everything is painful, it becomes a necessary evil. So all things taken in to account, I am staying in hibernation until the world is a brighter warmer place.


2 thoughts on “Hibernation Mode

  1. I’m sorry things are so bad right now. I hate January and February. Not only am I sick and tired of winter but it seems like everything bad that happens to me happens in these 2 months.

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