Knitopia 13′


Well, another Knitopia down. As it was very relaxing to spend a few days in Lexington with my knitting pals. Tina really does a great job putting on the retreat. As usual I came home with a truck load of really great swag, some really beautiful yarn and a really cool project bag. Of course I went up there with the intention of finishing the shrug that would not end but, I never even touched it. Instead I worked on my February Lady sweater and the Heartland shawl. I also managed to finish a pair of socks that I had had sitting around in a project bag for almost a year.

As for knitting, I spun plied and completed a diagonal scarf that I think turned out pretty well. I really love the texture and color.

I am also working on the Heartland shawl. I did not spin the yarn for it but I dyed it using an acid dye. I was hoping for a tonal grayish plum color. I got very lucky and it turned out perfect. I love when the color that I have in mind turns out as I envisioned it.

As for personal stuff, work is work. This new schedule is challenging. I never feel like I know what day I’m supposed to be there or not. Although I do like having some extra days off during the week, it gives me a little more quiet time. For example, today I was able to sleep in, get some cooking done, clean up around the house and spend a little bonding time with Rocco without any distractions or noise. I got all of Maude’s grocery shopping done last night so that I could have the day to myself today. Her neighbor was going to take her to a doctors appointment, I’m sure if she’d known I had the day off she would have asked me to do it. Maybe I’m selfish but I really did need just a little down time to myself. This Saturday is my 17th wedding anniversary. Mr. Larj has been asking me what I want to do to celebrate. Personally, I don’t really feel like there is anything to celebrate. As the years have gone on I feel like there has been more distance between us on every level. Anymore I just go through the motions. Actually, that’s pretty much my life right now, going through the motions. That’s why was so glad just to get away for four days relax, knit, eat, and have a little wine. Coming up I have Rock on the Range in Columbus Ohio. I’m looking forward to getting away and seen some great bands. A few of my work friends are also going, it’ll be good to have someone to hang out with at while I’m at the concert.
I hope everyone is having a great Spring, the weather is getting warmer, at least in this hemisphere. Knit on.


One thought on “Knitopia 13′

  1. I think everyone needs some time alone. It is valuable and necessary as is some time doing things you love with people who love it too. Selfish is a poor word to describe it too, there should be a better one. Knitopia looks fabulous as does your spinning and dyeing and knitting.
    Nice to have some time with Rocco too.

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