A new old look

I am attempting to update my blog more regularly.

I have been thinking about cutting my hair short for a few weeks. A few things led me to this decision, for one I was tired of dealing with long hair for another nobody wants to see a 50-year-old trying to look cute. I geared myself up all day at work yesterday. When I got home I set up the bathroom with everything that I would need, clippers, scissors, and some hair color. I was ready to do the deed.


I started by making a long braid and cutting it off. I figured I would want a souvenir for when I’m old and gray,… Oh wait a minute,….I am old and gray. Regardless, I figured I would want a souvenir of my long hair days. After the braid was cut off I took the clippers and buzzed around the back and sides. Clumps of hair were falling everywhere. After the clipper work was done I took the scissors and cut the top short and spiky and blended it in with the rest. When all was done as far as cutting, I applied my hair color, rinsed it out, applied products, and here is the end result.


What do you think? Do I look like a proper middle-aged matron or what?


6 thoughts on “A new old look

  1. You look really great, it suits you perfectly and you are so clever to cut your own hair. The colour is vibrant and makes your eyes – and here I want to say ‘pop’, but you know what I mean, stand out nicely!!! A change is as good as a holiday!!!

  2. Definitely not matronly! It looks amazing! I’m jealous of people who can wear short cuts–I feel like my head is too blocky to pull it off, lol.

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