Rock out with your sock out

I’m about a week past updating the blog as intended. I’ve been going between hectic and lazy. Another Rock on the Range over, it was a good one. I got to see most of the bands that I wanted to and was overall impressed with the performances this year. The only band that disappointed was Soundgarden, I thought that Chris Cornell still had the pipes but the rest of the band sounded somewhat sloppy. Hard to call the best performance. Stone Sour with Corey Taylor was fantastic, the crowd was really into their performance. Another impressive band was In this Moment, Maria is quite the screamer. Clutch, Volbeat, Bullet for my Valentine all gave great performances. Sevendust sounded better this year by far. Over all it was a really good time, the crowd was very into the music and it was very chill. Of course, I was knitting and I was the only one knitting. Most of the rangers seemed rather terrified by it but there were a couple of girls were fiber curious and decided to come and ask me what I was working on. I explained that I was working on a sock and I liked working on them at concerts because they’re very portable. I also showed them photos of my Ishbel and my handspun scarf, they were suitably impressed.

I spent an extra day in Columbus making my rounds to my favorite spots. The next day as I was leaving the city I made a stop at North market for breakfast of Vietnamese food and Jeni’s ice cream. This time I was prepared with a cooler, the staff at Jeni’s took my cooler and packed it with dry ice, 3 pints of ice cream and roasted strawberry sauce.

Unfortunately, vacation time is over with and it’s back to real life. As for knitting stuff, I finally managed to complete the February Lady sweater. I’m hoping that blocking will give it a little better fit. I sized down as recommended, I just hope I didn’t size down too much. It’s currently drying and blocking in the basement awaiting buttons. I promise as soon as it is wear ready I will post photos.

Because I was working on the cardigan I have not touched the Heartland shawl and it’s still status quo. I think I’m going to take a cue from one of my fellow knitters and try to use my summer to complete any UFOs that are floating around in various knitting bags and baskets. I can think of at least five off the top of my head. The worst offender being the color work mittens that have been sitting there for about a year and a half with about a third of one cuff finished.

As for personal stuff, not much new. My workplace is crazy as ever of course, we’re short staffed as usual. Some of this we knew was coming down the pike and other circumstances were unforeseen. There has also been talks of layoffs and staff being cut from various departments. I’m not too worried about it at present time given the fact that we’re a short staffed in OT as usual. Rocco had his follow-up ultrasound six months post surgery. It wasn’t the good news that we were hoping for, it looks like he is still forming stones. Now in addition to his special diet he also has to be on gout medication for the rest of his life. Hopefully this medication will dissolve the stones that are present and keep him from forming new ones. He has also been slowly becoming more friendly towards me. It’s nice to get a tail wag and a friendly tap of his paw every now and again.


One thought on “Rock out with your sock out

  1. That’s a great photo of Rocco and I am glad he is finally appreciating your many talents!! It’s good that pretty much all the bands were good and that you remembered the ice cream esky!!! Your FLC is looking wonderful, I hope the blocking makes it fit perfectly.

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