February in June?

Ta-da!! Finally a finished object out of my knitting basket. I mean completely finished, buttons sewn on buttonholes reinforced, and and worn to work today.

It felt good to have at least completed one project. Now on to address the other UFOs that are floating around in various baskets and bags. I decided to frog the color work mittens, or should I say one third of the mitten that I started a year and a half ago. After having seen the chupacabra mittens in the Knitpicks catalog I think the yarn would be better served for that purpose. I also have a hand spun shawlette that I need to modify in order to finish. I don’t have enough yardage to do the original border so I need to figure out a plan B. There’s the shrug of doom that’s been lurking forever. All that needs to be done there are stitches picked up for the border edging.

This is also a year where everyone decided to get themselves bangulated and pregnified so I’ve got baby knitting to do. My niece had her baby a few months ago and I’ve yet to make anything for her, I’m actually feeling pangs of guilt.

With all the above factored in, I haven’t had much time for spinning. I did a little work on my wheel last night with a natural color BFL that will be lace or very light fingering when it’s done.

It’s all a process right? Knitting,spinning and life.


2 thoughts on “February in June?

  1. Well, your fears have been allayed, it looks lovely. The way the pale colour peeks through the lace is great. Good luck with all your catch up/pre baby knitting.

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