I’d love to post pictures of what I’m working on lately, but I can’t because everything is a secret project. Pictures to be posted…eventually. I’m still picking away at the heartland shawl although with these other projects going on I haven’t really had time to work on it. Spinning has kind of been set aside as well. It looks like my summer knitting has taken a detour.

Apparently Rocco has taken an interest in my spinning, he decided to rearrange some of my lace weight merino that I’ve been working on for months with his teeth. I guess the only positive is that he didn’t destroy the bobbin completely.

I’m hoping that I can salvage most of it. I don’t know how well I can do with piecing it together given how fine it is but I guess we’ll find out when I go to ply it.
I discovered that one of my new coworkers is also a knitter. It sounds like she’s done some basic stitches but hasn’t branched off into anything more than it basic knit purl pattern. I may have to enable her into expanding her skills. This should be fun.
As for personal stuff, nothing really new. Work is work, and it’s been rather slow lately. There have been layoffs but it looks like our department might come through unscathed. Next month my sister Gus is coming in for a visit. Can’t wait to hang out with her. In dog news, it looks like Rocco has decided that I’m not so bad after all. He’s been a lot more friendly towards me. He even seems slightly calmer. I think that the medication he’s taking is making him feel a lot better. I can’t imagine that bladder stones feel very good especially for an active young dog.
Okay now I’m off to work on…never mind. 😉


One thought on “Shhhh

  1. Oh no, Rocco must be feeling right at home, the wool must have smelled like you. Pups steal your shoes and socks because they smell of you (and yucky I reckon!!!) Glad that he is settling in and he must have felt grumpy and cross and unwell. Poor pup. Yay for a sisterly visit though.

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