Still plugging away on the secret projects, I’m ready to be done with them for a couple of reasons. One I’m sort of tired of working on them and two my right shoulder isn’t happy with the amount of knitting I’ve been putting in to get these projects completed. Two down and one to go. Hopefully the last one will go quickly.

Here’s a teeny sneak preview.

As for other goings on, my workplace had some cutbacks recently. Our department was not supposed to have been affected by them, however my immediate supervisors position was eliminated and she took an early retirement with a severance package. I think it was the best move for all parties concerned. Her position was what I would consider superfluous and she was two years away from retiring at that point. I feel relieved. She was not very OT friendly nor was she very fond of me. I felt as if I was being constantly scrutinized. My performance appraisals were soul crushing and I knew I could never measure up to her expectations of what she thought I should be doing productivity wise. I now feel as if I have room to breathe and I can now focus on doing my job.
I’m also looking forward to a visit from my sister Gus. She’s coming in on Tuesday and I’m looking forward to seeing her, hanging out and doing lots of fun stuff. She is the one who taught me to knit when I was eight years old. Who knew the places that it would take me and the people that I would meet because of two sticks and some yarn.

I leave you with that photo of the world’s worst dishtowel thief. 🙂


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