Junk n’ Stuff

There is been a lot going on, and at the same time life has been status quo. I’ve been trying to keep up on handicrafts but canning season intervened and kind of took over my life for about a month and a half. For the most part I was pickling everything in sight, making jams and freezing veggies and soups.

Over the summer my intention was to finish some of the UFOs that of been laying around in my knitting basket. However as happens I became distracted by some new patterns and challenging projects.

The first project I finished was the Chudnovsky Pi shawl that I had started a year ago. I needed to rework the border because it was knit with handspun. I knew if I worked the border as written I would have ran out of yarn. I improvised with the K2 P2 border, it worked out well and the shawl shows off the texture of the yarn perfectly

The next project that I worked on was the Heartland shawl. This was a project that one of my workmates had wanted to knit together. She’s a bit of a novice lace knitter and wanted to sort of follow along. Unfortunately, she ended up frogging hers several times and shelving it. I managed to finish mine, I used some yarn from Knit Picks that I had dyed. I was going for a grayish plum, and am very happy with the finished color.

I also completed the déjà vu scarf from Knit Picks. I used a heavy worsted weight that I had picked up at an art show number of years ago and it had been sitting in my stash forever. The beauty of this pattern is that it only takes about 200 yards to complete the shawl. When I blocked it quite a bit of the dye came out. I soaked it with a heavy dose of vinegar to set the dye, I hope this does the trick. All in all, I’m happy with how it turned out.
As for other goings-on’s during the summer I went to Mayhem fest and got to see a lot of the bands that I’ve been wanting to see and bands that I had seen before. A good time overall. I also got to meet John 5 and Piggy D from Rob Zombie’s band.

My sister Gus also came in for a visit last week. It was great to see her again, I miss her already. I wish I could see her more often. It’s really great to have her around, we can commiserate on some of our common issues, especially Maude. She is in a steady decline, although she is holding her own and still independent in her own home.

Work has actually been going pretty well, I like the new management structure. It seems they have a little more appreciation for my “style”. I also have my first full-time student, I am splitting her with another therapist so she is with me for four weeks. So far so good she seems to be doing well and is catching on very quickly. I’ve been trying to convince the powers that be to give me a little more help with my workload, they have hired a contingent  COTA hopefully she will be able to give us enough hours to take some of the pressure off.
All in all, life goes on and I try to keep the road smooth, without too many potholes. The weather is turning colder, the days are growing shorter, in theory, I’ll be updating the blog more often. Everyone have a great week and if I don’t update before then have a great Thanksgiving.


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