Moebius Madness


I’ve been making garter Mobius cowls for Christmas gifts. I think I’m at about five or six this point. I’ve been using the basic Cat Bordhi moebius cast on, 74 stitches and then straight garter stitch knitting in the round. For the most part, I’ve been using yarn from my stash or Lion Brand Jiffy. It’s an incredibly fast knit, once you get the cast on down pat it really flies. I can start and complete one in two nights.

This one is about halfway finished and is for my neighbor’s mom. Frank and his mother have been very generous to us over the years sharing their garden tomatoes and overall just being great neighbors. They’ve even snow blowed and shoveled our walk and driveway on occasion.
Thanksgiving is next week. Not sure what we’re going to do, I know that Maude wants me to pick her up a few things from the store. I think she’s hoping that we will come over and spend the day. Basically, this all falls on Mr. Larj’s shoulders. I know how much he loves spending time with family and acting like a normal functioning member of society. Yes, that is sarcasm in spades. I guess we’ll just have to see how things play out.
As for others spinning and knitting, I am currently spinning a bit of Polworth that I got at the Wine and Wool festival last year. My plan is to turn it into a shawl that I saw in Spin Off magazine. It will be my first time following the directions for a project from start to finish.
As for other goings ons, I can’t say that there is much that is new. Life here at home is status quo. I wish there was a little bit less stress in my world but, I guess it’s to be expected in today’s world. Mr. Larj’s job is really starting to wane. It doesn’t look like he’s going to be able to hold onto it much longer. All we can do, is try to restructure and find a better situation for him.
Hope life is less stressful for you wherever you’re at. Have a great Thanksgiving.


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