Winter Weary

I understand, winter is supposed to be cold, dark, dreary and snow is a given, however, this winter has been really exceptional in the snow and cold categories. Dare I say even to the point of driving yours truly into state of social hibernation. When I have time off of work, I have absolutely no desire to leave my house for any reason. The driving is horrible and the subzero temperatures make even a walk from and to the car intolerable. I guess the only thing that is saving my sanity is the fact that I have many “indoor” hobbies to keep me going. I’ve actually managed to get a fair amount of knitting and spinning done.

One of the projects I started and completed was a Gap-tastic cowl made of Coopworth, mohair and copper glitz spun and plied to a bulky weight. I knitted until I ran out of yarn. Unfortunately, I’ve been wearing my down jacket with a down hood and a cowl doesn’t really work with it. So I haven’t gotten to wear it yet.


My second completed project was the Hesh hat from Stephen West. I saw the pattern on Ravelry and thought it was completely ridiculous and I definitely needed one. I had some leftover Lamb’s Pride so I used that to create a fun and funky hat.


I spun some orange worsted weight that I am now turning into Stephen West’s Colonnade shawl. My original attempt at dying the wool was not very successful as it had a lot of lanolin in it. I rushed through the process and didn’t get as much lanolin out as I should have. The color was okay, but it did not have the intensity that I wanted. I wanted it to be about the same color orange as my car. After spinning it, I re-dyed it and the result was more to my liking. Now I am having the thought that I might dye the points of the finished shawl a scarlet color to make it look like a blood orange. It’s worth a shot.


As for other goings ons, nothing really new. Rocco is still a work in progress, he has his moments. It’s like I told Mr. Larj today it’s like Groundhog Day with him. Every day I have to reestablish my position in the pack. I am working on training both of them.
Maude as usual is her own worst enemy. She wants people to come around her yet she alienates everybody with her negativity. She’s very difficult to deal with and she makes me feel bad about myself. It’s like she’s always looking to push my buttons just so that she can bitch at me for some perceived slight. She called me this past Wednesday, a day that we had had a major amount of snow. I thought “maybe she’s calling to find out if I made it home from work okay”, of course this was not the case. She was concerned about getting her trash out to the curb. For starters there was over 6 inches of snow on the ground and the temperature was below 20° I was pretty sure that her trash could wait until the next week. She then proceeded to launch into a tale of family drama that I really did not care to hear because all it does is piss me off. When I informed her of this she said that I deserved to have a similar situation as well, then I would know what it is like to have a hard time. Okay, not only was this an inappropriate and ugly thing for her to say but the reality is that I’ve had hard times and I’ve pretty much had to work through them on my own. The one exception being when my father helped me out, not with money but by being there and allowing me to come back to live in their home. I don’t mean to harp on this topic, but it is very painful for me. I simply don’t understand her cruelty. Surprisingly, Mr. Larj has been very supportive when I have needed to vent or just needed to talk things through and get a different perspective. It’s actually been a nice surprise.

There are things in the future to look forward to. I have Knitopia coming up at the end of March and I’m going to Rock on the Range again in May.

I hope everyone is staying warm and trying to make the best of winter.



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