Comfortably Numb

The post title basically describes how I’m feeling these days. I’ve gotten so sick and tired of the polar vortex that we’ve been dealing with here in Michigan, I feel like if it doesn’t end soon I’m going to completely lose it. My only defense is to try and stay busy around the house whether it’s cooking or of course, knitting and spinning, it’s my only sanity. I have also tried to make it to my exercise studio a little more regularly since clearly the weather isn’t going to change I just have to suck it up and try and make it there. Of course there’s my standard kettle bell class which I almost never miss but I have also tried to make it to Veronica’s Monday morning Pilates class as well. She really knows how to put you through your paces. On the fiber front, I managed to finish a few projects and probably started twice as many. One of the projects that I finished is Stephen Wests colonnade shawl. I like the way that it turned out. I wish that the yarn had been a little more tonal after it was dyed but all in all I’m pleased with the end result.

My original intent with this shawl was to add a metal skull button to the back of it. The button was rather heavy and weighted down the fabric so I chose not to do that and just leave it as is, at least for now. The button was too cool for me to just leave in the button box. I found a cute little hat pattern with a folded tab that allowed me to use the button as accent piece.

I have a knitting retreat coming up at the end of the week. It’s a four-day stint not very far from home. I’ve gone in the past and I’m facing it with anticipation and trepidation. I usually have a very good time, but that’s a lot of estrogen in one place. Usually I can get some head clearing alone time by taking a walk on the beach. This year the retreat was moved up a month. Needless to say with the winter that we’ve had here still pretty fucking cold right now. I don’t know how that’s going to work out as far as getting some away time. If I feel cooped up I guess I’ll have to going to in to town. We’ll see. I can’t wait for this weather to break. Even the dog is going crazy.

Hopefully I’ll be back shortly with pictures from the knitting retreat.


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