Round 2

20140515-233628.jpgAs usual I’ve been horrible about updating my blog. My goal is to update over this weekend pretty much daily. As usual for this time of year, I am heading to Columbus Ohio for Rock on the Range. I completed my first vacation of the year in March when I went to Knitopia in Lexington Michigan. Of course it was good to get away over the weekend but the weather was a little chilly not only because we’ve had ridiculously cold winter but Tina held the retreat about a month earlier this year. Thankfully, next year she has moved the retreat back to the end of April. It was great fun getting together with my usual crew that I see every year at the retreat. I started a project called L’Enveloppe. I don’t quite know how to describe it other than to say it’s a combination poncho, shrug and shawl. I started it with what I thought was a crochet cast on, I only discovered later that I used a provisional cast on using a crochet chain to start it. Of course the OCD kicked in and I frogged the entire thing and started over with the correct cast on. I am also still working on the never-ending shawl from spinoff magazine. Although I’m almost to the final rows and should be ready to cast off shortly. I also started and completed a Claudia hat specifically for Rock on the Range. I’ve been checking the weather channel over the past week and it looks like it might be a little chilly especially tomorrow.
As for spinning projects I completed spinning the winter of 2014 color way. This was from some roving that I had in my stash, probably about 6 ounces. The colors that I dyed it were based on snow that I saw along the roadside this winter. I included shades of gray for the dirty grungy snow along side of the road and pale turquoise blue for the salt.

20140515-234053.jpg This is as it looked on two bobbins before I plied it.
This last weekend I had some company. My niece Becky came for the weekend. We went to Mead Fest out in Ferndale and although it was a beautiful day, the lines were long and there was no place to sit. We left early and went for dinner. We had wonderful salmon burgers at the Fly Trap. We also did some crafty things, I taught her how to dye yarn using cake dye and I also did some canning. We made rhubarb jam using the Ball automatic jam maker. What an amazing and wonderful appliance.

At present time I have the car packed up and I’m ready to roll. My plan is to get up early tomorrow morning and head towards Columbus. The concert starts around 11:30, I’m hoping to be there by about 10:00 so I can settle in, frontload some heavy carbs for breakfast and gear up for a 12 hour day.
I’m sure that Rocco and Mr. Larj
will enjoy my time away as much as I will. I have to say though, Rocco has been a lot better with me over the last month or so. I have completely changed my approach with him. Unless he approaches me I don’t approach him not for petting or even when I wake up in the morning. I wait until he decides to come towards me in a friendly and submissive fashion. The problem is, he so stinking cute.

So, keep looking for those subsequent posts. Let’s see how well I can keep up with this.


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