ROTR day 2

My day started early, but not as early as yesterday. I ate breakfast at my favorite little diner here in town, the food is delicious and they keep your coffee cup full. Afterwards I headed to Crew Stadium hoping to get a early parking space in my usual spot. I arrived early unfortunately they were routing traffic into a different area. I parked and sat in my car for a couple of hours, I took a nap and did some knitting. It was a cold or rainy morning and given that most of the bands I wanted to see didn’t even start until around one I decided I wasn’t getting out of my car until the weather cleared.
First on my list was Rev Theory who gave a good solid performance with a bluesy rock vibe. The highlights of the day would have to be Crobot, Theory of a Deadman, and Exodus. By far the best performance of the day was from Avatar. They are Swedish band that gave an absolutely amazing performance and were pretty easy on the eyes. Nobody head bangs quite like a Scandinavian boy.

20140517-235702.jpg I have to confess, I was quite prepared to be underwhelmed by Slayer. They’re not one of my favorite bands, I feel like a lot of their songs sound the same. However, their live performance was solid tight and worth watching. One band that did underwhelm he was Chevelle. I expected more out of their performance. To me they sounded like a second rate Deftones. One of the old-school bands that was surprisingly good was Suicidal Tendencies. They’re an incredibly tight band with a fantastic rhythm section. Mike Muir still has it going on as far as intensity and energy. The closing band of the day was Avenged Sevenfold. There’s nothing bad to say about their performance, they are perfectionists not only in their musicianship but also in their stage show. I stayed for about half of their set, I wanted to get a early start and I needed to thaw out. The rumor is that it’s going to be warmer tomorrow with no rain. I hope this is the case as I want to see pretty much every band on the bill tomorrow.

As you can see the sock is working it’s magic by giving me lots of personal space. By some of the looks I was getting today you would think I had a lap full of rattlesnakes. It’s pretty hilarious. Looking forward to tomorrow.


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