ROTR, 3rd and Final Day

What a ride! I can’t believe I did three full days at ROTR. It was brutal, the weather was less than cooperative but I made it through. I saw a lot of bands today so I think I’ll take the recap stage by stage. Bear with me there’s a lot of ground to cover.
The first band that I saw on the Jäger stage was 12 Foot Ninja. This Australian band combines a lot of crunchy high-energy metal with reggae and jazzy interludes. Definitely a must see band if for no other reason they’re interesting to listen to and to watch. Kevelertak from Norway is a very… Interesting… band. I’m still undecided as to whether they are serious about what they do or if they’re a spoof. The musicianship was very solid but the front man left quite a bit to be desired except for the owl headdress he was wearing when he came on to the stage. Last on the small stage was Gojira, this French metal outfit sounded great and was both musically and vocally solid. I definitely feel like I need to check out more of their catalog.
I would have to say the highlight of the day occurred on the second small stage. One of the bands that I was looking forward to seeing this trip was Gemini Syndrome. They did not disappoint. Everything about the band was spot on, the vocals were amazing and they really connected with the audience. If I had to compare their sound to another band I would say that they almost were comparable to Tool.

Moving on to the large stage and the big players. I started my day with Trivium. I think I would have enjoyed their performance a lot more but I think that they fell victim to a lousy sound system and the fact that the stadium was not very full at the time and their performance sounded echoey. Next up was Adelitas Way, I cannot remember if I saw them in years past but they were a tight solid band with a decent sound. Wolfmother played a lot of their old favorites along with a couple of new songs from their upcoming album. They still have that pseudo-Hendrix hippy vibe that I like. This was my second time seeing Mastadon. I really want to like this band because it seems like a lot of other people do but I just simply cannot get into them at all. I find their sound to be muddled and their vocals definitely lacking both in clarity and cohesiveness. One of the other bands that I was definitely psyched to see this year is Alter Bridge. I saw Myles Kennedy last year performing with Slash and thought his vocal abilities were amazing. Today I learned that not only is he an awesome vocalist but he is a phenomenal guitar player as well. Can I just confess at this point, I am in love with this man. He is the whole package talent, looks and a winning smile. He takes me from zero to stupid in about three seconds. This is probably one of my favorite bands of the entire weekend. I will definitely make a point of seeing them again if they’re playing anywhere near Detroit.

20140518-232322-84202337.jpg Of course one of the main reasons for going to rock on the range this year was Five Finger Death Punch. Again like Avenged Sevenfold there is absolutely nothing bad you can say about this band. Everything from their songwriting to their vocals to their musicianship is spot on flawless. Not only that, they really go out of their way to connect with their audience on so many levels. They are a band that you cannot help but like.

20140518-232451-84291124.jpg Closing the show was Kid Rock. I have a lot of issues with Bob. They’re too numerous to list here. I would say if one word were to sum it up I would say, poser. He started out with one of his old rap standbys but quickly things got twangy and country-fied. This is when I headed for the parking lot.
Another thing that you might not be aware of that is that now there are vegan options for food. There’s always the standard stadium fare of pizza and pretzels but now there’s wok fried soba noodles with vegetables.

20140519-003154-1914340.jpg I had this for the last two days and it’s pretty tasty. They also have chopsticks and plenty of Siracha sauce available
Well, that sums up my concert experience for this year. I still have a day and a half left in Columbus. Tomorrow will be filled with shopping and a froufrou girly lunch of one. I have to find an alternate lunch spot since my favorite Singaporean place closed this past year. I will of course hit the Book Loft in German Village and Knitters Mercantile for my souvenir ROTR yarn. Tuesday morning will be filled with the North Market. The ultimate foodie hang out. If you’re not a foodie when you walk in you will be by the time you leave. There are more tasty treats in this building that I’ve ever seen anywhere, including Jeni’s ice cream.
I will continue to post until I get home. Believe it or not I actually miss that little shit Rocco. I even picked up a tasty treat for him. One of the stadium vendors was making weed pipes out of elk antlers. When I mentioned to them that my dog chews on elk antlers the guy behind the counter said that they had some scraps that they weren’t using to make pipes. I looked through their scrap box and pulled out a large chunk of elk antler that I paid a dollar for. Usually these things go for almost $20 so this was a steal of a deal. I’m sure will make Rocco happy for about a minute.


2 thoughts on “ROTR, 3rd and Final Day

  1. I also have issue with Mr Rock. I HATE how whenever there is anything about Detroit he is involved. We were watching the 30 for 30 on the Bad Boys and of course he had to narrate it.

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