As has been my routine, I usually spend the day after Rock on the Range in Columbus going to some of my favorite spots. This year was no exception. I usually sleep in on Monday and go for a breakfast/lunch at some sort of ethnic restaurant. My restaurant of choice for the past two years has recently closed due to the owners health problems. In its stead I found a Vietnamese restaurant that more than fit the bill for authenticity and taste. I had the vegetarian fresh rolls and bun salad with grilled shrimp. What made eating here so fun was how they brought your food out on a rickety little cart any doubletime pace.
I had salted limeade to go with my meal, the saltiness of the drink and the spiciness of the food were perfectly complementary. I also decided last minute to cross off one of my food “bucket list” items. They had a variety of smoothies, one of them was Durion. Durion fruit is known for its unpleasant and pungent scent and taste. At least two most western palates. The waitress assured me that because the fruit was frozen it would not have the smell that fresh Durian has. I decided to get it to go so that I wouldn’t pull a face in front of the staff. I would say that the smell was definitely present, perhaps not as strong as fresh fruit but definitely there. The taste I can only describe is as if someone decided to make a smoothie out of Vidalia onions with a lot of sugar. I did it, I cross it off my list and I probably won’t have durian again.

I then headed to German Village to go to the Book Loft, one of my favorite stores. 32 rooms of books all varieties along with music, puzzles, comic books and assorted gift items. I spent a few hours there and then went to Starbucks across the street to enjoy an iced coffee and knit for a while.


I then headed to Schiller Park. It’s a beautiful location surrounded by multimillion dollar brick homes. The park itself has a pond with geese and beautiful landscaping. If I ever win the lottery… I spent a little time here knitting and walking around. It was beautiful day so I took advantage of it.


Afterwards I stopped at a deli for a Greek salad. Of course there’s no comparison when it comes to a Greektown Greeks salad, so I was a little disappointed. The next day I packed everything up and prepared to make the drive home. First off I headed to Knitters Mercantile to get my annual skein of yarn to commemorate my “big vacation”.

This store has a nice selection of yarn from our variety of manufacturers. I went with a nice DK weight Malbrigo with approximately 300 yards. Is that red gorgeous or what? Finally I headed to North market for breakfast and a little foodie porn. I had an Indian meal with a couple of vegetable options and basmati rice. I also of course, had Jeni’s ice cream. I chose the salted caramel and the almond brittle it was heavenly. There was a growers co-op set up in front of the market that was giving away ready to plant seed pods. I picked up a few tomato plant pods, some lettuce, red pepper, and various herbs. They were giving them away for free to encourage people to plant gardens in Columbus. It will be a nice little start to my garden this year. It took me about 3 1/2 hours to get home and when I arrived Rocco gave me a very nice greeting. He was appropriately happy to see me. The only downside to my arrival home is that it came with a sore throat. At first I thought it might have been from sleeping in a somewhat musty dusty hotel room but now I believe that being out in the cold weather for two days may have tanked my resistance little bit. I’ve been gargling and nose potting, I hope I can stave this off. I have tomorrow off so I’ll be catching up on laundry and hopefully recovering. Hope that you’ve all enjoyed reading my little travelogue.


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