As usual all of my knitting intentions over the summer have fallen by the wayside. My goal was to finish up any UFOs in my knitting basket and start a sweater for the winter. Needless to say none of this has happened. The only knitting that I’ve done that I “should” be doing is my Christmas knitting of corner to corner dishcloths. I have yet to seam up my capelet that I started at the knit away this last spring. It’s in my basement, I see it every day, I walk past it, I look at it and that’s as far as it gets. Even my spinning has sort of gone by the wayside although I did start spinning a polworth and silk blend that I purchased at the wine and wool festival.
The only project that I have started recently is a scarf for Eric’s niece who is going off to college this fall. It’s a loop scarf with a lacy pattern. I did not spin the yarn but I did dye it during the power outage a few weeks ago. I was going for a tonal royal blue color and I think it turned out pretty nice.

IMG_8010.JPG Of course this is canning season so that has been taking up a great deal of my time. I’ve done pickles, green beans, salsa, tomatoes and pickled beets. I finished my second batch of salsa tonight.

IMG_8115.JPG I can’t say that I’ve done anything really extraordinarily fun lately. I did go to the Allegan fiber fest. I would have to say I was somewhat underwhelmed by it. A lot of the vendors that I buy from at the Washtenaw fiber fest were there. The highlight of the day was getting to see Deb whom I usually only run into at my knitting retreat.
As for any personal stuff life is pretty much status quo. Maude’s house seems to be falling down around her. My brother has been over there doing some major electrical repairs this week. Thankfully we at least have someone in the family who can do these things. Unfortunately he is stretched so thin between his sons and his job it makes it difficult. It’s great that he knows how to do all sorts of handy stuff but it’s also unfortunate in the fact that he is the “go to” guy that everybody calls when they have a problem with their house or car. Rocco is Rocco, we had a little setback a few weeks ago when unbeknownst to me Eric started feeding him again. We have had the conversation numerous times about Eric not feeding the dog off of his plate because it causes him to guard his “food source”. Now that he has stopped, again, Rocco’s behavior has improved.

IMG_7885.JPG “may I lick your teeth? Yes, unfortunately that is one of his obsessions. I still believe that he is on the autism spectrum for animals. Well I think I’m going to wind up this post as life is been pretty boring lately. And I don’t want to bore my two avid readers. I hope everyone had a great summer and hopefully we’ll have a great fall.


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